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  1. Heya, Getting new belts on the car as the ones I have in are at the end of thier life! eep! Can anyone recommend a place for Altezza parts? I have called Fensport who can supply the cambelt but after that im struggling. I have a local toyota dealer but its so expensive (and also my last resort)! Can anyone advise what parts they would change also as im hearing different things from different people? Some say idlers/tenioners as well as belts where as others are sying just the belts and the cambelt tensioner..... The car is on 103000km so is well due a change. Any info would be a big help, bored of trawling through google. Kate
  2. Hiya! just registered as I have recently bought my first Toyota! Got an Altezza RS200 and I absolutely love it. Sold my old car wanting something more manageable all round so ended up with my lovely fresh import tezza.....happy lady :) Nice to meet you all and HELLO! Kate
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