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  1. erm.. would that work!!! haven,t tried it.sounds ok though. :) :) :)
  2. try putting clingfilm on your bonnet,grill etc.then after your trip peel it off
  3. hope this helps , and is not boring.take a 12 volt+ from cigerette lighter supply. to your choosen switch. then a wire from your switch ,feed a coil of a relay (12volt) +. the 12volt - for the other side of coil take to body work (metal) .this will allow the relay to go on and off from your choosen switch . a12volt +supply from your battery to a inline fuse of a rating of 5 amp should be sufficent.from the other side of fuse holder take awire to your neons,this willbe 12volt+. from your car body work,take a wire to the negative side of your neon. please note this is only one option of many. there may be a simpler way that other people have knowedge of .
  4. very nice motor, looks the bizz. like a lot
  5. hi overthemoon, can't seem to find any jap websites do you know of any where i can look about will owners. are you planning on taking your will to any of toyota owners club meets?
  6. when we bought ours we were told it was the only one in the uk.proves car dealers tell big lies.we have a blue one.when did you buy yours?did you have probs with insurance,found most insurance companies had never heard of it.
  7. am in contact with a will vi owner but you are the first person i have found who owns the will vs like me.have been trying to track down a manual as my car didn't come with one let me know when you get your copy and if you don't mind giving me the details of where you got it from so i can try and order one. do you know of any other will vs owners?
  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am sure you will have many many hours of pleasure and plenty of looks from other drivers.had ours since feb 2004 and enjoying it more each day.definitely a fantastic car.glad to hear someone else has one.where in the country are you?
  9. how do u get photo on here from picture gallery? had no success p 103 blue car.
  10. i reckon u hit the nail right on the head ,
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