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  1. Hi all Sorry about the stupid question I'm about to ask I have a 1998 SR gen 6 now I need some new rear shocks I asked my local scrappy and he didn't have any for my car but he said that he had some GT4 rear shocks that will fit but they are shorter so it will give me a bit of a drop does any one know if this is true or is he just trying to fob me off to make some qwick cash ??? please help thanks
  2. hi guys this is my pride and joy my rev1 tubby
  3. wayn123

    Mbc Fitment

    hi has any one got a guide on fitting a manual boost controller on a mr2 rev 1 turbo with a few pics if poss. thanks
  4. wayn123

    Air Con Rad

    no the rad in front of that
  5. wayn123

    Air Con Rad

    hi How hard is it to remove my front air con rad the pump has been remove from the engine is it just a case of taking off the front bumper unbolting it and chopping the pipes or is there more to it ???? thanks wayne
  6. wayn123


    hi guys / ladys sorry to keep posting silly qus. but in the week i want to flush my coolant do i have to use the red forlife ? or can i use any coolant read about it online and some people are useing other coolant??? only had the mr2 turbo for a week and i just want to do things for pice of mind eg oil change ' coolant ' gear oil etc thanks wayne
  7. wayn123

    Dump Valve

    What do you have on now then ?? ,thats a standard toyota dump valve, and will not give the whoosh sound you want Sorry just re read the advert and yes it will fit and should give some sound? although ive never seen one before? just a standard one on at the mo i think i might give it a go cant find a used one and at the mo cant spend £200 on one thanks for taking a look wayne
  8. wayn123

    Dump Valve

    hi Before i waste some money on this can any tell me if it will fit my rev one and will i get the woosh sound from it ebay item number 300406033400 thanks
  9. Hi owners Would the headlights and rearlights off a rev 3/4 fit my rev 1 inport as one of my headlights has gone and its a sealed unit, So i want to change the lights so if a bulb goes i can just change that. thanks wayne
  10. wayn123

    Speed Sensor

    hi what color wires go to the red yellow and black as they are not in a block i have black/yellow black/white and purple thanks edit !!!!! NOT SPEED SENSOR (cruise control sender)
  11. Thanks mate i can see the wires so i will have a go at it later
  12. hi sorry if this is in the wrong place on my mk 2 turbo the speedo does not work this is my first mr2 so just after a little help i have read about a nylon cog wearing out being the cause ? i have looked down the engine and i can see a yellow wire pink or red and black just hangging down would this be any thing to do with my speedo??? many thanks
  13. hi guys just signed up i have a mr2 mk2 turbo