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  1. hi guys,i'm having hot starting issues on my elderly avensis.i've posted this problem last week and have had loads of advice.unfortunately if ichanged all the parts that MAY be a problem i'd spend many £ooos.ok the car starts in the morning when cold,it also restarts if tried immediately after turning off.however if i leave it for 10 mins or more it merely spins the starter without engaging engine.i've disassembled the ign & cleaned switch assembly & turned with ascrewdriver with key in ign.so far i've heard SCV valves as a possible cause'also possible crank sensor,also possible temp s
  2. well the dreaded failure to start at all happened this evening when my missus was out with thekids!so my avensis is stuck on top of the most exposed hill top in yorkshire!i hope it starts 2morrow when igo 2 get it.igor thanks for the link 2 rupertrav4 pictures of possible offending items,i know what to look for at least.i'm very impressed by the standard of photos and the explanation of how 2 replace said valves.i will check on my multimeter 4 ohms& stuff over the weekend.thanks 4 parts offer kingo.if those are the bits i need i'll chase you up.thanks again for the help
  3. cheers for the advice igor.but what is SCV & more important what does it look like?[i'm not terribly confident with electrics but i'll give it ago]
  4. hi.i run an avensis estate 2.0 td 1999.i like its reliability,if not its performance.i run 4 teenage boys around[+instuments,friends etc.]so you can imagine my consternation when,even after aservice,my faithful load lugger struggles to start but ONLY WHEN WARM.1st thing in the morning no probs.however when i try to start after a short stop it 'coughs'or spins with no results 5 or 6 times,then fires with no issues.any ideas?one suggestion i've had is a 'tired'starter.but as it fires when cold i'm not yet convinced.just done 100k[is the milage significant?]
  5. cheers for the info i'll compose a message when my missus either a]brings the car back b]she can tell me where i hid the v5 so i can get the chassis no.
  6. hi,i'm new to forums in general so please forgive if this isn't the right bit.the name kingo keeps cropping up so maybe thats who i'm looking for?avensis estate 98 rear suspension.a bar that connects leg to axle[torsion bar?]needs new bushes.i cant find asupplier other than mrT who wants me to buy the whole unit [£90+vat per side]i know some parts are mrT only but can i find an alternative?cheers for any help
  7. just found i need 2 replace rear bushings on torsion bar[sorry i dont know the tech name but it keeps the rear axle & suspension leg together]i've only managed 2 track down toyota dealer parts which replace rear bar assembly completely[approx £100±VAT per side]as i drive a 98 avensis estate any suggestions on replcement bush suppliers would be good, or do i need 2 bite the bullet?
  8. my ability computrwise is less than my knowledge of my new[to me]toy avensis deisel estate!i dont even know if i've posted this message properly,if i have i've joined 21st century!
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