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  1. arbs


    we had the same problem with my wifes 3G, managed to connect my Nokia no probs but not the 3G, don't really use it much so haven't pursued it! I now have a '4 so will try properly to connect that and the 3G sometime. Wish me luck!
  2. that looks great, really nice for a factory model
  3. really not a fan of the LEDs on cars which aren't meant for them, but hey - each to their own etc
  4. arbs

    Leather Trim Issues

    out of interest was this a dealer fit option - outsourced to a retrimmer - or available from the factory?
  5. i love the aygo and what it stands for, however i'd never buy the same car twice - just for variety's sake! No idea what would be next
  6. arbs

    Front Discs

    did they tell you how much wear there was? A lot of the indys try it on and scare you with '70% wear' etc - like that means there is still 30% of their life remaining!
  7. i noticed that too - i thought that was great! take it they're not accurate then? what can i expect to pay?
  8. I'm happy that the second hand prices are high - means the residuals will be ok! Incidentally I managed to buy from my local Mr T at DtD prices tho it wasn't an easy deal!
  9. arbs


    Welcome :) I'm also Rich, have a 'Blue' (wifes) and have a 17 month year old daughter! We were almost put off by a buggy unfriendly boot have found one which fits a dream :)
  10. all very true geez. its a shame but that said i havent bought one for the last 5-6 cars i've owned yet have been able to get any information id've wanted to do simplish jobs via forums like these! I think haynes are invaluable for major jobs but the sort of thing the average home mechanic does are covered elsewhere. end of an era and all that!
  11. yeah, only a month or two of experience but no leaks so far (touching wood!). Fantastic little car, does what its meant to perfectly!
  12. cheers for that mate, appreciated - still not 100% now tho!
  13. I'm thinking of going for some Corolla T-sport alloys. 16"x6" with correct PCD and bore, but will need some spacers. Anyone good with photoshop can put the two below together?? please... and...
  14. thats pretty poor from a main dealer, tnhat said - if the oil has only been changed to lower emissions, I'd be quite happy with the thicker stuff - fully syn tho!
  15. arbs

    Uk Road Tax

    i'm mildly tempted to get a pro rata refund on my tax and buy a fresh year for cheaper than my money back!