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  1. Happy Birthday Kiwi-Corolla!

  2. Thanks mate :) I swear the kids ride in more style than what I do!
  3. Happy New Year to all! :D First photoshoot of 2015:
  4. Thank you! :) My latest addition is this Blitz Access ECU. This is a standard 4A-GE 20v Blacktop ECU that has been 'chipped' but Blitz in Japan, and offers more aggressive fuel mapping, a rev limit of 8,500rpm, no speed cut etc. Straight after installing it I could feel that the midrange power was noticeably stronger, allowing the car to get into it's power-band sooner and pull consistently until redline. The performance is similar to the 6-speed ECU I was running previously, but this one has a noticeable 'kick' to it when you put your foot down. I have to give the ECU some time to adjust to my mods and driving style, but so far the upgrade seems to have been worth it :)
  5. Thanks! :D Here's one more shot from yesterday that made the cut:
  6. Here's some latest photos. The first two were taken today (about 4-hours ago) and the last one is a cellphone shot from last Sunday :)
  7. Here's something else a little bit different, and as usual, very rare - These are optional AE101 ultrasonic sonar parking sensors, available as an optional extra for the AE101 Corolla SE-G in Japan back in the 90's. I've had these sitting in a box for over a year, complete with the computer module, matching display/clock and all of the clips/wiring. I personally don't like the look of them being fitted to the corners of the front/rear bumper as intended by Toyota, but in future I hope to discretely mount them underneath the bumpers instead. This is only the second set I've ever seen outside of the factory JDM sales brochure and I haven't had the heart to sell them due to how rare they are, but one of these days I'll put them to good use :)
  8. Insanely Rare JDM AE101 Optional Rain Sensor In Japan they had all sorts of crazy and quirky optional extras for the AE101 Corolla, and this optional rain sensor is definitely in the top 3 in terms of it's rarity. For almost 6-years I've only ever been able to see a tiny picture in the original sales brochure of the rain sensor and have never come across one in real-life, until early last week when I stumbled across one myself! :D. The only other one I've ever heard of was back in 2005 on eBay so the rarity of these are truly off the scale. It works by sensing the intensity of rainfall and automatically controls your windscreen wipers, varying the speed without the driver having to even touch the wiper stalk. For a full and very interesting read-up on how it works check out this link: http://www.fujitsu-ten.com/business/technicaljournal/pdf/2-7E.pdf It was made in Japan by Fujitsu Ten for Toyota Motor Corporation back in the early 90's as an optional extra for a small selection of Toyotas and likely would have been a fairly expensive add-on. It simply plugs into the existing wiper connector for the combination switch and 'watches' for rainfall, while still allowing you full control over the wiper speed using the stalk if you prefer. I very rarely drive my Corolla in the rain, so I'm still deciding whether I'll install this or sell it to someone who will get more use out of it, but either way it's a really cool thing to have found and another thing to cross off my 'optional extra bucket list' :D. The photos showing the sensor on the hood are how it's intended to be installed by Toyota, but if I was to install it on my Corolla I'd mount it on the cowling as seen in the other photos, as I feel it'd look a lot cleaner that way.
  9. My latest additions - OEM metallic black stereo and driver's vent surrounds. These were only available in Japan for the late model facelift AE101 Corolla BZ Touring wagons from 1998-2001. They're not an overlay or sticker, but the effect is actually 'painted' onto the actual plastic, likely using a hydrographic printing process (the same process Toyota used to achieve the wood-grain effect on other models). I've wanted these for quite some time but it was only a couple of weeks ago that I had the chance to get my hands on a set in good condition. They were a direct swap with my existing flat black ones and look amazing in direct sunlight due to the metallic flecks underneath the clearcoat. They don't add functionality or anything like that, but it's the small details like this in the build which sometimes make the biggest difference :)
  10. Time for a massive update for this thread :) The mods so far are: Engine: * 4A-GE 20v Blacktop engine conversion. * C160 6-speed ECU (8,500rpm redline). * 100mm billet trumpets (ram tubes/velocity stacks). * Custom made 3" intake bellmouth. * Fujitsubo (FGK) 4-2-1 stainless steel extractors. * 5-speed C56 gearbox. * Spherical shifter cable bearings. * TRD quick shifter. * Full 2.25" exhaust with Dynomax muffler. * 2-core aluminium radiator. * Carbon fibre cam & spark plug covers. * TRD spark plug leads. * Catalytic converter removed. * Oil catch can. * Tomei Type S fuel pressure regulator. * Tomei fuel pressure gauge & fuel rail adapter. * TRD 1.3-bar radiator cap. * TRD aluminium oil cap. * TRD fuel cap. Exterior: * OEM AE101 Toyota Corolla FX-GT front bumper with fog lights. * Rare OEM factory option ST215 Toyota Caldina custom fitted front lip. * Rare OEM factory option ST195 Toyota Caldina custom fitted rear lip. * OEM AE111 Toyota Carib BZ Touring sideskirts. * Genuine OEM AE101 Koito Toyota Corolla BZ Touring headlights. * Facelift AE101 red/clear tail lights and garnish. * Ducktail boot spoiler. * Ducktail roof spoiler. * 35% "Night Rider" window tint. * Front door locks eliminated. * Volk CE28N rep 16x8 +15 alloy wheels with 195/45/16 tyres. * Front and rear guards rolled. * 'SE Limited' badge removed. * 'TWINCAM 20' stickers on sideskirts. Interior: * Toyota Corolla GT seats front & rear. * 60/40 folding rear seat conversion. * Reupholstered door cards with OEM Corolla GT fabric. * Sound deadened front doors. * AE101 Corolla FX-GT SuperStrut Momo leather steering wheel. * 240kph speedometer & 9,000rpm Corolla GT tachometer. * OEM Lexus IS200/Altezza RS200 aluminium foot pedals. * OEM floor mats. * TRD leather shift knob. * OEM BZ Touring 6-speed leather gear shift boot. * Rare OEM factory option Graphic Equalizer. * Rare OEM factory option 'Air Fantasy' fragrance control system. * Rare OEM factory option roof-mounted Air Purifier unit. * Rare OEM factory option rear-mounted Air Purifier unit. * Rare OEM factory option motorised driver's seat rail. * Rare OEM factory option key light. * Rare OEM factory option floor lights. * Rare OEM factory option velour extended armrest. * Rare OEM factory option Burger Tray. * Rare OEM factory option Clean Box. * Rare OEM factory option felt-lined 'NO SMOKING' ashtray coin holder. * Rare OEM factory option under-seat storage drawer. * Rare OEM factory option tweeter pods and tweeters. * Rare OEM factory option 'Conlight' automatic headlight sensor. * Rare OEM factory option A-pillar map light. * Rare OEM rubber moulded boot organiser. * Rare OEM factory option carpeted boot lid liner. * Pivot Speed Meter-V. Brakes/Suspension: * Lowered on BC Gold BR coilovers. * OEM 24mm front swaybar conversion. * Whiteline 18mm solid rear swaybar. * TRD 3-point strut brace. * Ultra Racing 2-point rear strut brace. * Carbing front lower tie bar. * 275mm SuperStrut front disc conversion. * AE111 SuperStrut twinpot front calipers. * 266mm rear disc brake conversion. * Safebrake braided brake lines. * Whiteline adjustable rear camber bolts. Audio: * JVC Bluetooth USB head-unit. * Pioneer 6.5" component front speakers (60w RMS each). * Lanzar 6.5" 3-way rear speakers (95w RMS each). * Sony Xplod 4-channel 444w amp.
  11. ^ Very nice :) Fitted some new wheels to my Corolla the other day:
  12. If it does it when the engine is warm then make sure you clean your idle air control valve (IACV), which is located on the underside of the throttle body. These get clogged up with carbon over time and cause high idle problems. If the high idle disappears once the engine is warm then you have nothing to worry about.
  13. No problem mate. Routing ducting from the grille area to the pod filter isn't a bad idea in the meantime, until you install a CAI, but the engine bay heat will still be sucked into the short ram intake, especially at idle. For my very first intake set-up I used a short ram intake and used ducting and bellmouths to get more airflow to the filter, but in the end nothing compared to the CAI :) Here's what my old set-up used to look like a couple of years ago:
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