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  1. I have recently returned to the world of touring caravaning Having purchased. A Lunar Quasar 524 .. I had a tow bar fitted to my 126000 miles 2.2 Avensis Hatchback The max towing capacity of the Avensis according to Mr Toyota is 1300kg Which is low in comparison to similar size cars ( Vectra 1.9 - 1500kg) Why the weight limit is so low baffles me Any way all I can say is that my van is 1300 kg max weight so bang on The Avensis limit The Avensis is a superb tow car... On a recent trip to North Wales I was impressed so with that in mind We decided to take the caravan down south obviously taking in various motoways Yet again the car performed effortlessly swallowing up the miles even when we had to negotiate some steep hills around Bristol ( We were heading to Shepton Mallet) despite the mileage the car has turned out to be a real star But i am totally baffled where the 1300kg tow weight max comes from because I feel the car is more thancapable of matching the Vectra and similar cars that can tow around 1500kg
  2. I had a similar problem with my 2.2 d4d black smoke when coming out of turnings ..accelerating from slow speed etc Tried every available injector cleaner on the market cheap and expensive but still ended up with the same result smoke .. even changed the EGR valve ...same outcome Then by mistake one day whilst not really taking notice of what I was doing i started filling the diesel tank of my Avensis with unleaded petrol After putting nearly 8lts of petrol in the tank I realised my mistake and topped the tank with diesel Luckily enough the car carried on running albeit sometimes it was a pig to start I kept regularly topping the diesel up at until I thought the petrol had gone I have since then changed the fuel filter And surprise surprise the black smoke has now gone which I think would indicate that perhaps I had a sticky injector.. That was over 12months ago and the car today runs like a dream even with 122000mls on the clock and most recently achieved 63mls to the gallon on a run from northwales back to Liverpool But please don't think that I'am advocating putting petrol in your diesel... The choice is yours ... maybe no more than a gallon to a full tank of diesel if you desire ...its an old trick cabbies did in years gone by and maybe I was just very lucky it cured my smoky problem
  3. Thanks for the reply The noise is only when the car is moving in gear it disappears when the clutch is pressed which obviously leads me to a G/box problem
  4. The noise is a whineing type noise thats noticable when the car slows to a certain speed whilst rolling in 2nd gear or when you change down to 1st My wifes new peugeot does the noise but not as loud as my 125000+miles Avensis Maybe its just the type of noise all gearboxes make whilst rolling in 1st or 2nd gear Yes it does stop if i press the clutch
  5. when i say rediculous i mean rediculous how does £15 plus p+p sound
  6. Still Available for a rediculous price
  7. When the car is driving slow theres a noise in 2nd gear(then goes as the car gets faster) or when you change down to 2nd and the car is rolling in gear theres a noise (gets louder as the car slows down) i had it checked out 4 yrs ago by a gearbox specialist who said it was ok my wifes peugeot 3008 also does it but not as loud as the Avensis is it normal
  8. I must admit that i dont like supermarket derv At the moment i am running on sainsbury diesel the car runs ok As i said before my 2.2 Avensis does run clean now following my petrol mishap but i must say that there is a slight increase in smoke(nothing drastic) usingthe sainsbury fuel which i am lead to believe has a high BIO FUEL content so i will be going back to Shell ,Esso , BP but definatly only the ordinary diesel
  9. Its a proven fact that Vpower and like fuels are a waste of money unless you have a super car ..ordinary cars like The Avensis etc gain no benefit from the higher octane of the V power fuel and higher cost of the fuel Incidently i put the petrol in my D4D purly by accident Yes the outcome was to solve the smoking problem that the car was suffering with Dispite using bg244 .Forte etc etc which all proved to be a waste of hard earned cash BTW the petrol mistake happened back in December 2013 And the car seems fine I just changed the fuel filter when i was completly sure all the petrol was out the fuel system
  10. Its a proven fact that Vpower and the like are a waste of money
  11. I have a 2.2 Avensis EGR VALVE..2nd hand but good ...for sale i have said its cheap to clear It works perfectly the only problem is where the cable plugs in the socket on the coil the plastic has been damaged ..the pins are ok so it works.. or if you want you can use your own coil its an easy exchange Call 07973860083 If your interested and make an offer Im in Liverpool
  12. I recently took a run from liverpool to llandudno On the way back i took the old road not the A55 and managed to achieve 63mpg from my 2.2 avensis diesel by easy driving in 6th geararound 40-45 mph My mate in his cmax diesel only managed 42mpg dont ask me how But since my little indiscretion with the petrol pump instead of the diesel one...i put 8lts of petrol in before i stopped and tanked the car with diesel..i now regularly achieve 39-40 mpg around town And as i previoysly posted i no longer get black smoke when driving normally which i always got when driving up the box or excelerating out of a bend dispite trying every injector cleaner on the market..but what ever the reason was the petrol has cleaned it...i suspect a sticky injector was the problem
  13. Back a few weeks ago on a rather cold dinner time I was using a self serve petrol pump the sort you put your visa card into it was a cold day and I glanced down at the options available... Petrol ...Diesel..Super Petrol...Super Diesel ...I noticed a button under the diesel hose that said fast delivery for HGV not thinking I went for the next hose that I thought was for Diesel cars that was the same colour and proceded to fill up my Avensis 2.2 Tspirit....Suddenly I got a strong whiff of petrol....yes Guys I was filling up with unleaded I stopped instantly ..7 Lts of unleaded in the tank later..So I then brimmed the tank with Diesel Apart for the Occasional difficulty starting ....and topping up with Diesel every time the Gauge moved of the full to 3/4 full I carried on using the car I was obviously very lucky that I managed to stop before I went too far filling with the unleaded So what is the superb Outcome I hear you say My Avensis has always been a bit smokey on acceleration Previously Ive tried every brand of injector cleaner Ive replaced the EGR valve with another Ive cleaned the mass air flow sensor All to no avail... Until now what ever was causing my Avensis to smoke has been eradicated by the petrol not a bit of black smoke at any speed when accelerating even slow in high gear (previously trying to accelerate at 30mph in 4th would leave enough smoke to represent a smoke screen ) Well not now absolutely no smoke ...smooth acceleration a totally different motor All Ive done since the petrol episode is have an oil change and fuel filter change But honestly what ever was sticky or whatever was causing the smoke ...its now gone BTW ...Im not advocating what happened to me should be tried ..but I had tried every type of injector cleaner including the expensive ones that people recommend on this forum ...none have been successful But one silly near disaster has transformed my 120,000 mile Avensis 2.2 d4d into a smooth smoke free joy to drive Motor