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  1. My last car was black - I do love cars in the colour, yet I'll never buy another one in it. It's just shows up scrapes and marks so much more than other colours :( In my younger days, I naively thought that black would mean you wouldn't have to clean the thing as often...boy, was I wrong! Now, don't get me wrong - I love my blue, but if I was buying new, I always wanted the platinum one - seems to suit the Aygo down to the ground, whereas in the C1 and 107 it doesn't as much. Go figure...
  2. Thanks all! Picked it up today and it's definitely a Blue (like the darker blue in the photo above). Absolutely love it to bits already. In great condition (aside from rusty allot nuts - but looking over the forum, this appears to be fairly common, and with a bit of luck the Toyota garage will replace under warranty!), and whoever had it before me had fitted on front fogs too :) Not that I'll be doing much sitting in the back, but I was pleasantly surprised with the space there - fairly comfortable it would appear. Well, at least for shorter journeys. Just wonderful :) . As you can tell, I'm a happy owner!
  3. Owner: Joe (Joek) Age: 35 NCB: Max Convictions: None Other drivers:none Year of Aygo: 2008 UK/EU/Jap: UK Colour: Blue Gearbox: Manual Location: Cambridge Garaged or drive: Garage Insurance Company: AA 10 or 12 month policy: 12 Total cost: £200, £200 excess. Type of cover:Fully comp including breakdown cover, NC protector etc. Modifications: None Value of Mods covered: Claim experience: None. Any general comments:Whilst changing over the insurance policy from my old car to the new one (bought the Aygo Monday 15th March 2010, and picking up the new one Wed 17th), AA would have asked me to pay a whopping great £47 per month for the privilege. Cancelled the policy then and there, and did a new one online with AA again. COnsequently, got one for the £200, thus saving around £300 for the year. SOmeone tell me just how AA could justify this???
  4. Hi all, First post here, mainly down to finally buying a little Aygo. Due to various circumstance (not least the price of fuel!!!), a downgrade from what I have at the moment was pretty much a necessary requirement, and I found a fantastic used one on monday, and I'm going to be picking it up tomorrow! What I am trying to find is exactly what one it is! It's a Special Edition one, has alloys along with side plates on the doors (along with front fogs - which I assume were just paid for as an extra) - however, the colour seems to me to be quite a darker version from the current blue. The car was registered in Jan '08 if that helps. Anyone know what this one might be? Sorry, it's a pretty banal first question, but there we go. Can't wait to pick it up though - after the couple of test drives I had, it just felt great fun :) Thanks all!
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