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  1. Disconnect Toyota Alarm/immobiliser?

    hi i need to remove the immobilizer out of my celica gt to fit my new one any ideas dean thanks all.
  2. Toyota Celica Gt Immobilized

    Hi can any1 help i bought a stolen and recovered celica gt and the immobilizer was on ive since replaced the main ecu and the key transponder ecu along with the key and the coil. the car started and ran well until i turned the car off and wud'nt start agen does any1 out there no what i can do as i need the car asap and not many auto sparks no what do do. i hope someone can help me thanks all dean.
  3. hi can any1 help me sort out my toyota celica as the immobiliser has stayed on aand i only have the one key for this thanks dean