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  1. My 05 1.8 petrol Avenue, petrol pump runs on longer now when I switch off. Is there a fuel filter on this model? is there anything to worry about?
  2. As the top bearings are always under tension from the spring either moving up or down, or jacked up, I cannot see them knocking, they are in effect thrust bearing, If they made a noise while turning the steering, this would make sense. I can however accept that it could be the dampers
  3. Could simply be a faulty temperature detector
  4. It is only on bumpy road, definitely not a wheel bearing
  5. 2005 Avensis, 186,000km still not using oil, why get rid of it. It has developed a slight knock/rumble on the RH front suspension, it appears to be under the drivers feet. All joints and roll bar bushings have been checked several times by two garage's and no faults found, I have also fitted a new link arm without improvement The only thing left is the top bearing on the suspension column, Has anyone had any experience of this?
  6. So does this stop the engine after a time when the car is at rest, and how is it restarted again?
  7. A friend of mine is about to purchase a Corolla 1.3 2012. It has a ECO switch on the dash below the steering wheel, can someone tell me what this is for? It does not have any AC system, I suspect it is to stop the engine at traffic lights etc
  8. I have at long last been able to remove the rear seat base and found all sorts of rubbish underneath. On replacing, I am not sure if the 2 locating loops at the rear go above the bar under the bar a the back, it can locate either way. There are wires to the petrol tank underneath the seat, so if it sits too low it may eventually wear the wires.
  9. Roker

    Seat Covers

    The Avensis seat are not made of great material, mine are showing signs of discolouration due to ware. has anyone found any decent seat covers? I find that most seat covers do not allow for the leg support jutting out at the front driver an passenger seats. Tailored seat covers cost around £300
  10. There is no clutch or solenoid on this system. So applying 12v will not switch it on. It is a variable volume compressor, the compressor receives a pulse signal from the ECU to set the volume required. Note; As the system is always engaged it should not be run without refrigerant/oil otherwise it receives no lubricant. Note the WS manual states this in an od way: --------------------------------------------------- 9. DO NOT OPERATE ENGINE AND COMPRESSOR WITH NO REFRIGERANT IS FILLED CAUTION: This may damage the inside of the compressor because the compressor parts always moves regardless of whether the A/C system is turned on or off. ----------------------------------------------------------- I found a leaking HP pipe on mine under the battery, there is a sharp R Angle bend which seems to stress the pipe
  11. This is a factory mod, the 10mm + dipstick can be purchased from a Toyota dealers. part no 15301-0D011 The oil consumption issues affecting 1zz 1.8, 3zz 1.6 & 4zz 1.4 engines is caused by a combination of several issues, leading Toyota to make several changes to the engines up to around mid 2005 where they managed to cure the issues, 1. Insufficient oil capacity, pre 2005 engines only came with 3.7 litres of oil, this caused the oil to remain very hot all the time reducing the cooling affect the oil has on the back of the pistons. The continued high oil temps causes the oil to degrade and sludge excessively between service oil changes. Toyota increased the oil capacity from 3.7 to 4.7 litres reducing the oil temps in the engine. ( EDIT On post 2005 cars Toyota increased oil capacity to 4.2 litres, On pre 2005 cars which had the official modifications carried out due to excessive oil consumption the oil capacity was raised to 4.7litres except for MR2's which stayed at 3.7litres due to the compact / shallow sump fitted to them ) 2. Poor piston design, the rear of the piston only had 4 oil ways allowing the hot oil coming from the piston ring oil scrapers to pass away from the piston rings. This meant that the oil stayed at the hottest part of the piston crown for too long exacerbating issue # 1 which in turn allowed the oil ways to sludge up. Once sludging started the oil would eventually start to burn and harden around the rings this started to wear away at the bores eventually misshaping them. Due to the Nikosil coating applied to the bores they should not be rebored or honed meaning Toyota replaced any block showing even the slightest of damage. Toyota redesigned the pistons to include 8 oil ways which allowed the oil to pass away quicker. 3. The use of poor quality or overly thick oils (thicker than 5w30) increased the likely hood of the issues above occurring. Toyota noted that even dealers where using oils such as 10w40 and quickly pointed out that although the owners manual listed 10w40 it was for warmer climates and that 5w30 was the preferred grade and insisted that dealers use 5w30 when servicing and repairing #zz engines. 4. Poor piston ring design, In an attempt to reduce friction, increase efficiency and lower emissions the engine designers profiled the piston rings to a sharp point reducing the contact point on the bore, this on its own only increased oil consumption slightly but when combined with issues 1,2 & 3 caused the piston rings not scrape the overly thick oils effectively. New piston rings where designed with a larger contact area and higher ring tension. Initially Toyota fitted new blocks along with modified pistons, rings, thermostat ( to lower engine running temp ) and a modified dipstick ( to show the new 4.7litre levels) they also recovered the old blocks eventually leading to them switching the approved repair method to remanufactured short blocks fully assembled with the modified parts. Oil consumption was an issue in both 1.6 3zz and 1.8 1zz / 2zz engines Toyota resolved this by raising the oil level 0.5 of a liter to improve piston cooling and adding more return holes in the piston skirt, but if any petrol engine is abused wrong oil / lack of service this will lead to carbon deposits / sludge which blocks the pcv system and causes oil to be forced pass the rings resulting in oil burning .good service history and correct oil is a must with these engines
  12. I have 2005 saloon, it is very difficult to clean the back window etc, is the back shelf difficult to remove for cleaning?
  13. An interesting point because it only takes a few thousands of an inch to skim off. As a mater of interest Mitsubishi are giving 8 years warranty in Ireland
  14. Point taken about the head, I skimmed the head on my Mitsubish for very little cost but it would appear Toyota are not designed for this. Toyota may be giving 7 yrs on their engines, but other companies are giving 7yrs on the whole car vs Toyota 3 yr (in Ireland)
  15. If it's the head gasket, why can you not take the head off and get it skimmed? and install with a new gasket.
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