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  1. Does this help: http://www.partsbase.org/toyota/auris-ukp-ade157r-dhfnxw-2-2l-diesel-turbo-mtm-2007-eu-4-heating-air-conditioning-cooler-unit/
  2. I'd say go easy on the additional skirts especially on the front as the overhang is already quite big and liable on catching the ground as standard. It's an ok car, in hindsight an Octavia VRS would be preferable.
  3. Mine has been at 43 mpg for most of this year, I used to use 6th for over 50 mph but saw economy drop so use 5th up to 60 (the shift indicator shows no preference between 5-6th @ 50-60)
  4. From what I've learnt, Toyota have been insisting on a full service history, when you say one was missing do you mean it was a non Toyota service stamp or was it none at all? If it missed a service (every year or 10,000 miles, 1 month or 2k miles leeway) then they may have not covered the gasket anyway.
  5. I had the leaking fixed for free by Toyota as there is a technical service bulletin covering this problem, headline title can be found on tech docs. Mine is a 58 sr180 and was fixed last year foc. Update 19-1-2015 This has happened again, this time to the other side. The TSB reference is: AURIS: Technical Service Bulletin Rear combination lamp water entry 23 March 2010 BO-0045T-0310-T-EN-IR (en)
  6. Yeah mine past the MOT fine as there wasn't anything that could be picked up with the car stationary.
  7. Yep I never believed the dealer when they told me simillar but yes the rears do wear quicker, I've kept an eye on them and they are now quite low but still useable at just over 50k (original pads) on my SR180.
  8. Got Toyota mats and they're crap, wore through, complete hole in less than 20k.
  9. All sorted no more knocking when turning and the sensation of wheel slip when reversing, whilst turning, off the driveway has gone.
  10. Drive shaft wouldn't sound from the rear, it would be in the footwells in the front if the outer CV joint was playing up. I spent ages looking into the droning sound on mine, taking calipers apart, cleaning and greasing them and the pads, cleaning hub/disc interface, checking bearing movements but all it took was changing tyres to remove the drone. My tyres has no sign of wear, it wasn't a wear issue but a tyre contruction type one, not all tyres are born equal regarding noise characteristics.
  11. The whirring noise I had from the back was the tyre type the OEM Dunlops were noisy, switching them to the front (only had the two Dunlops on the back) moved the noise and replacing with Michellin removed the noise. What rubber do you have on the back. As for knocking noise on turning I'm having a drive shaft replaced today but the sound is somewhat different to that from suspension noise.
  12. Ok, the car has gone into today after I managed to demonstrate the problem several times a month ago. They are replacing the nearside drive shaft under the extended warranty, hopefully this solves the issue, I'll find out later.
  13. Well Pete as you know it requires a bit of steering lock and power to demonstrate this problem so with the snow and ice on Wednesday meant I could only just about show it, they had a visual inspect but saw nothing obvious but agreed from my description that the outer CV joint maybe the issue. It is going in for a replacement water pump next week (leaking gasket, Toyoata covering and not the extended warranty, that makes 2 out of 3 claims that toyota are covering under their own warranty extension, the other was leaking rear lamp - why did I bother with e extended warranty, well they did a sump gasket under it) and they will try to drive it cold to see if they can get it to knock. if they can then they need to get those idiots over at the warranty group to agree to shell out, they always want to send people out, get photos etc, which is the problem with the official extended warranty - The Warranty Group, these middlemen make their oney by rejecting claims or dragging them out for so long you just want to give up.
  14. ellingtj


    No screenwash, provide own oil, same tactics as me, good man.
  15. Ok booked in for Wednesday, betting on the outer CV joint, won't make the noise just turning but will if load (throttle) applied.
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