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  1. but the rx8 drinks oil as well !!!
  2. you think the motor in the front windows will be the same as the rear windows?
  3. anyone know where i can get a replacement rear window motor for my partners gen 6 convertible?
  4. have recently fitted a remote central locking kit to my st182 but am having problems working out where to wire into the hazard lights so they flash when it locks/unlocks. thought i could wire into the hazard lights switch but can only get one side of the car to flash safely at the moment. if i wire both sides together into the remote unit then i get the hazards when indicating! must be somewhere where i can hook into (one wire from remote unit) and get both flashers to work and still have the indicators working normally
  5. blimey. i hope the car is safe now, as that looks like a write off with twisted bits!
  6. i am looking to buy a mint jet black (not graphite grey/black) facelift st182. it can be a gtr or a gti. would really love a wide body version - if someone has one please contact me! i used to own a uk st182 and loved it. i then bought an st205 which is awesome, but the fuel bills are proving a bit too high, so would like to downgrade back to an st182. so, what i am after is a low mileage mint (no dents, rust, or deep scratches) jet black st182. i need to sell my st205 to finance it, so it could be perfect for someone wanting to upgrade. if you know of any for sale (widebody would be amazing) please email me at paul@pr4photos.co.uk
  7. Thanks Calisto. KITT was a cool car, and I miss my red gen 5. But have decided to go for black this time. Never had a black car before
  8. I'm after a mint black 5th gen Celica. When I say mint, I mean mint, not the usual good condition for the year sort of stuff. So, no scuffs, dents, scratches, paint fading, laquer lifting etc. Fussy? Yes, I am. I know what I want. Oh, and it needs to be low mileage, and mechanically sound. I'm not fussy if its a UK car or an import. 3sge engine is a must. GTR is probably preferred. Widebody would be lovely!!! I have an ST205 that I love, but now needs to go, as the fuel costs are getting too high, as I use the car for work. So, if you are looking to upgrade to the ST205 and you have what I want, I could be very interested. Or if you have what I want or know where I can get one, please let me know.
  9. I was there, trying to hold down a gazebo!
  10. Mine has the standard dv attached, and seems to work just fine. Loud enough that I know its working, but not loud enough to scare small animals and pensioners, lol.
  11. Painted mine black. I did think about red, but decided against
  12. Damn. Wish I had known about it. I'm only in Truro
  13. Not necessary unless you are using copper plugs (which you shouldn't be)
  14. Big brother is watching
  15. iridium plugs are supposed to be changed every 60k
  16. I'm a member of the TOC! admin team :!Removed!:
  17. I don't usually like full on bodykits. But I do kinda like that one. Its very well done. And I like the colour
  18. I shall be there Friday/Saturday/Sunday on the celica-club stand
  19. I was 99% certain that there was a standard d/v fitted
  20. what are they giving you for it?
  21. stock dump valve sounds nice enough to me, once you have an induction kit fitted
  22. Looks very nice. I saw these at JAE last year. I don't think they are street legal though, so be careful
  23. Does it sound mechanical? If I am on boost and suddenly lift off, I sometimes get a boom sound, which isn't a mechanical sound, and as far as I am aware is coming from the exhaust, as its an exhaust type of sound. If I was decatted, I would expect flames to be coming out the rear when it happens
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