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  1. Yeah I think most people on here are aware of the Fensport 'rolla, but you aren't going to be able to do many mods on a 1.6! Still following this thread with a bit of interest however, maybe you could give me some new ideas for my 1.6. ;)
  2. Oi, there's an Xscape here in Glasgow and you lot got me excited there. :P
  3. Like I said above, my 1.6 is noticeably quicker than my mates 1.4. That car looks tidy, and as far as what too look out for is concerned these cars a pretty bullet proof. Make sure it has FSH, if it has been regularly serviced then the 1.6s will run happily into 6 figure mileage without an issue. Sometimes they can have a squeaky clutch, but if you test drive it and there is no noticeable effect on the gearchange then it is just an annoyance rather than a mechanical issue so nothing really to worry about.
  4. Recently a squeal/squeak has developed on what sounds like my drivers side front suspension, Its very audible with the window open driving accross speed bumps or broken tarmac, but recently passed a health check with Mr T. Any ideas what it could be? Only done 27000 miles but do cross speedbumps quite often going in and out my street. Possibly bushes? Thanks.
  5. Well it depends on your own financial situation. Go with whatever will put you in the least amount of debt and the most manageable situation financially in accordance with your monthly budget/wage packet. Don't overstep what you can afford, and put yourself in a difficult position to get out of.
  6. I bought mine with part exchange and cash. Insurance was steep at first but im down to 700 odd a year now. What is it you need help with? I doubt many people will be able to help you find a lower insurance quote if that's what you want, generally the comparison websites do a good job of giving you a base figure for what to expect. The only other thing I can suggest is try some websites that don't use comparison websites such as Adrian Flux or Direct Line.
  7. I've never driven a 1.4, but my mate has one. I seem to always have the legs on him.
  8. It can't be bought new as far as I'm aware. It's a case of waiting for one to pop up.
  9. As Oldcodger said, if you had anything serious like Head Gasket issues then you would be facing large amounts of mayonaise aswell as a very obvious discolourations of the oil under the cap and fluctuations in temperature. I do alot of motorway journeys, and often enjoy a good B road blast on my commute to university and back twice a week, and especially after the winter months where I couldn't do this I noticed how free and smooth the car felt after a good blast. Everything lossens up after a good blast and the engine runs a lot easier. Sometimes it is neccessary to give your car a little thrash to maintain it's good health I feel :). Obviously don't over do it and this is no proffesional advice, and only do it when warmed up, but the winter months can be hard on the lubrication and liquid components, getting them properly warmed up and moving does help.
  10. Theres a little plastic clip that you can see on the inside when you take the bulb out, looks like a little wedge. Press it in at one side and that side of the cover should pop out. You just have to work it free from there.
  11. On your bootlid on the inside is two little panels, pop these off with a screwdriver. You will see theres another metal panel on the left needing removed with two screws and on the right you can see where the wires lead to the bulb. This whole unit will twist to the left and then slide out giving you access to the bulb.
  12. Hi, Yes it been done a few times - heres one, probably more if you use the Search http://www.toyotaown...20%20dials&st=0 Thanks! I did use the search but never saw that one! Thanks! There still isn't a how to however :(
  13. Sam, mine revs to about 2000 on start up before slowly dropping as it warms up, especially if im running the heaters or air conditioning. It's normal. Stop worrying! :P
  14. I haven't seen this mentioned on here by anyone before, but I was looking at doing this with white strip LEDs but I have no idea what the best way to do it in a corolla! I wan't them to come on with the headlights, can anyone give me a wee how too? I'd also like to install a switch that lets me turn them off while I'm driving :)
  15. I think i've seen that about as well, theres a pic of it on c&cs website.
  16. No bother, I just bought a set off of a popular auction site that fit 02-07 cars.
  17. Yes they should mate, the interior shape of the car didnt change.
  18. Hi friend, you can find most information here from the helpful members. And parts and accessories are easily findable with a quick google on a number of websites. Unfortunately there is no DIY way to get serious BHP gains from the 1.6 as far as I understand apart from the usual Induction/Exhaust combo and even then you aren't exactly unleashing a beast haha. It can be done but generally involves swapping out major engine companents or even going as far to turbo it, and if you start doing that, you really are as-well buying a t-sport for the amount it costs. General consencus seems to be save up and buy a t-sport. :P There are plenty of other styling modifications that can be done to set apart your car. :)
  19. Hey guys, just about to order an HID kit, and wondering whether to go for 6000K or 8000K. Corolla is in silver, but I have never even seen another corolla with HIDs. Im thinking the more blue colour might be better on my car? Thanks in advance :) Also does anyone know what the little access panels for the headlights are called? Lost one and I can't find them anywhere!
  20. Now im not selling im looking to lower mine by as much as possible without dropping a big wad of cash for coileys. The best I can find are APEX which say a drop of 40/40, which in facelift terms is 25/25. I really doubt im going to get much better but if anyone can point me in the direction of some ive missed it would be appreciated! I will do the shocks at some point in the near future too.
  21. Don't mean to hijack the post, but how much does a custom back box generally cost?
  22. Yeah I've loved my corolla. I'm thinking about 6 for mine or there abouts :)
  23. Well, these plans have now folded, I have a new financial difficulty that means I'm keeping the 'rolla for another year perhaps. You are all stuck with me!
  24. The blue one is a lovely job. Styling isn't quite my taste (I would have kept it a sleeper, and scared the **** out of M3s). Thats one of the reasons I want the ZS. No one knows what it !Removed! is! And I'll be debadging it. Can't wait until the local corsa brigade pick on the wrong rover. :P
  25. Theres been two in my household. A 2002 plate ZS 180 and we currently have an MG ZT 260 with the V8 . Both have ran faultlessly. Apart from the V8. It has a very annoying habbit of blowing its cooling hose off.
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