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  1. Interesting and if it was my own car and not the companies I may consider but I was hoping for a turn ignition on whilst holding the wing mirror button, hold for 5 seconds etc tyoe of scenrio. Dave
  2. Hi, does anyone know if you can reprogram the wing mirrors on a 2010 tourer to open when the engine is turned on and close when the ignition is turned off. Dave
  3. Hi, Thanks Both for the input. looks like the sensor option is the way to go. The prem sat nav is coming as part fo the car as its on a company car scheme. I have seen a few comments on here as to it not being very good. In your opion why is it not good. Dave
  4. Hi, Ive seen a few topics on reversing cameras but nothing that really answered my question. Im due to get a new Avensis Tourer D-4D T4 which has the Nav system which includes the reversing camera. As our work car park is very small with lots of double parking my previous cars have all had reversing sensors. (originally fitted for the wife honest ) My question is, with the reversing camera is there a need for the optional reversing sensors or is the camera good enough to aid parking. Also, where does the camera point, directly behind or angled to the gorund....is the reversing camera good in the dark / raining etc. Thanks for the help Dave
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