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  1. The Falcons are great tyres and fun for cornering. With my springs and konis as well loved to test how quick i could take a corner....always good for a huge smile
  2. The miglias do look schweet on the Yaris, glad to see you got them ok and inflated Guess i ought to get my new pics up with my new Speedlines.....gonna miss the miglias, I hope they do you well
  3. Sorry that was me posting wrong logon
  4. Now that i am back reguarly checking I will more likely be going to a meet (unless it clashes with a major car show). I only found out about the Wales meet a couple of weeks back and was too short notice for me.
  5. I would imagine that the would fit
  6. I am liking the black lexus lights. I was going to keep my standard ones as i dont like the clear version. Will have to do some investigating and get some.
  7. I am not sure what to recommend cheap, the cheapest part on my car is the Yaris Tax Disc holder
  8. These are my parts I am selling and I have applied for Gold Membership.
  9. Just washed for tomorrow's photoshoot and Tiktok took a couple of pics. The old zorst is now sold, and hopefully the alloys in the pics are sold too, so I can buy the ones i've got my eye on. lol. The original t-sport side skirts are for sale if anyone is interested. Also the original lights, I do think someone was interested in them, but not heard much about it. Mod's - before you edit this, my Gold membership ran out, I've applied & paid for renewal yesterday, not sure if its updated yet or not. Many thanks Teri.
  10. I have gone to this the last couple of years but cant seem to find out if this is happening this year. Does anyone have any lowdown as I would not want to miss it for the world (considering I am local to it)
  11. Hi guys, Been a while. Well, I now have a few extras going on at the end of the month so i thought i would keep u updated. Carzone Side Skirts and Quad Light conversions. I am due a photoshoot first Sunday in Feb after they have been done so will post up my pics then. www.tuneacar.co.uk is a great place to find yaris parts. Happy modding and will catch up with u again :group-cuddles:
  12. The last one is Dan's, i know that bonnet! Maybe a photoshop for the red skirts and gold wheels... unless he has done that, not seen the car since last November
  13. There is a story about the dual badges. This is the 3rd Yaris I have owned Started off with a 1ltr GLS, after 18mths decided on more omph so traded up to the 1.3SR, was intending to mod the SR to look like a TS after seeing that model come out. Tiktok (my blokie) went to buy a TS Badge to add to the grill, saw the car in the showroom and made me come out to see it..... bought it, after only having the SR 8mths, so that is why I had 2 badges. The TS Has lasted just over 2 years now so the longest owned one so far..... lets not hope they bring out the TS Turbo
  14. Sorry to say that I am not the woman in that pic. :P Wish I was though
  15. Just realised my avatar is well out of date compared to what it now looks like
  16. Hi guys, Had a photoshoot on Sunday with someone who does pro photos. Some of the shots look stonking. Please feel free to have a look Photos Here
  17. Yeah that is me. Gonna get a back up option for my bonnet, has been back twice to the body shop
  18. Hi all, Sorry it has been a while since I have posted. I have been busy with a few car shows So far I have been at: Fast n Furious Car Show, Brighton Donny South I will be seen at Trax HIN (Hot Import Nights) - in person not car. For the last 2.5 months I have been waiting for my back order.... KONI SHOCKS. Getting at least 40% discount on them.... my partner works for Formula 1, Brighton www.f1btn.com. They plan on them arriving early September as the company that make them are on holiday, how cool is that.... made to order, shame about the wait though. I have a few other mods planned from wing mirrors/head lights/side skirts/spoiler. I am also looking at getting my cam shafts re-profiled £185+vat each but we are still waiting to know if it will affect VVTi in anyway. If i can get them done looking at another 20bhp. Recently went to Power Engineering for a new rolling road session the results were: 116 bhp 113 lbft torque They said that the only mods that affect a dyno reading were the HKS Induction and the uprated exhaust manifold. Well, must dash dinner is cooking
  19. I am going to get them to look over what needs to be done. Saw on fensport they do uprated Clutch along with the 10pot disks. This is gonna be a huge project and sounds like it is gonna take time. As I said this is only stage 1, still a long way to go. The garage have done a few conversions so will be able to advise me on what will be required. The turbo will arrive tomorrow and then practical planning can take place. Will keep you updated with what happens, cost and what is needed
  20. Tik has a super sonic dump valve f'ing huge thing...... I must get that Ptcoooooh
  21. i am looking for veilside corner moulds for rear bumper Dont like any of the Yaris Bumpers - too bulky - but when i get skirts the rear is gonna look higher up. Been told to do the corner moulds as per a supra to give the feeling of lowering. I have sprayed my bumpguards (the plastic strips) under my front bumper and the other night they were confused by a friend as a fron spliter :hokus-pokus:
  22. As for power gains... not sure yet First I had to source a turbo - had an email today from a guy on scoobynet (good place to find turbo's!!) he has one for sale. When un-modded the bhp was 215, of course I will not get that as I only intend to run 1/2 bar. I need to get LSD - no point having power if you cant get traction. I also need to get an intercoolier. Once I get the turbo delivered will speak to him about what is required and estimate gains. But like anything - you need to test it to be acruate. Just remember this is only stage 1 - Planning and Sourcing. I will keep you updated on each stage as it progresses
  23. If you want one, then he will do it. I will find out a bit more about mine and let you know what to expect cost and time wise
  24. Getting all excited Chuck you have a PM
  25. Well I have found a person that does turbo conversions near me. He has recently done a corsa and wants to do mine. Well I have sourced a TD04 Subaru Impreza turbo for £120. Gonna buy LSD as well to get the much needed traction down. Will keep you updated on when it gets started Project T is coming on in leaps and bounds, the Ickle Beast is gonna FLY
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