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  1. That would be greatly appreciated mate.... I think that on the site they are 650, you would need to join this other club to get the group buy price. Ive seen the d2's on ebay.... just didnt want to order from there and end up with a set of forgeries!!!!
  2. actually mate........... what would you think a set of tein's with edfc would set me back??? the car just now is pretty standard - piper X induction kit and baileys bov its got a SS exhaust and HKS turbo timer but thats about it. The brakes are shagged!!! bought it with only one caliper actually functioning - was a dodgy drive home!! . Ive temporarily swapped the osf caliper for a single piston caliper from the old crate- but the current car is a 1990 twin piston model and the pads arent lining up 100% on the disc surface. Ive been on another forum for a while and freaky parts is an online parts dealer - they are constantly offering group buys to the members ,and one offer is for a 4 piston ( not 6 like i said before) caliper disc brackets and pad combo, they are made by brembo but are unbranded. you need to have 17" alloys to fit over the 324mm discs .... dont know what you might think??? cost 500 plus delivery? their site is www.freakyparts.co.uk also mate what different options would ya recommend for coilies??? Im interested in teins as i said but to be honest its only because they are one of the few reputable brands that I know who offer a package for the st185... ideally I would like something with adjustable dampning and not too harsh... Ive been looking into sprints and majority are on pretty rough surfaces. cheers again pal.
  3. Thanks mate..... Im getting a few bits of welding done just now, the car desperately needs brakes... I want an upgrade and was looking at freaky parts - they do a big set of 6 pot brembos(front) and a slightly smaller set of wilwood brakes. They are not cheap! but should be a good investment. Other than the brakes and welding the new 185 seems to be a much better example, I actually picked it up in ayr ... round your neck of the woods . I would be interested in what your work could do in the way of coilies?? checked the site a few times but theres not much of an online catalogue.... I really need to remember to call during business hours. :P .
  4. OMJAN

    1982 Celica Gt

    Very nice, I love the retro looking 80's design...... she looks in good condition , especially for the age . I see that the roof could do with paint - maybe a full respray and interior retrim and maybe drop in a newer lexus engine? - looks beautiful anyway
  5. Alright guys, its been a while......... the last time I was on here you were all very forth coming with advice for my trackday st185 , for which I must say a big thankyou. ;) the poor old girl had been molested and neglected beyond the point of no return. I had been getting ready to replace the head gasket , buying various parts( water pump, head bolts etc.) It came time to get the head off and she then started (or rather didnt) with electrical probs. One day she would start and the next she would blow a host of fuses.... I payed a spark to have a look and was quoted 300 quid to fix her, needless to say the car had become financially unviable . It has since been broken and Ive bought another. My link Hopefully have a bit more luck with this one? ?
  6. Does anyone know where i could find a list of EM error codes??? ive searched about with no luck . my 205 has a code 5-4 any ideas?
  7. too right, its the b45t4rd cameras that got me...... empty road late at night.... :ffs: oh and a few for being on the phone- that shouldnt have happened!!! :(
  8. i know , should get myself a wee yaris. no chance of going 2 fast then........
  9. Does scotistani/ pakish count...... LOL another glasgow member...... anyone know how easy it would be to get a meet organised at kames? im not a member of east ayrshire car club but id love a shot !!! cheers
  10. white gen 4.... looks sexual!!!!
  11. ive been told they come off after 3 years ,unless in those 3 years you accumulate any more points and then they stay on for 5. i currently have 10pts(tut,tut) but was stopped on my way back from birmingham with the gen 5. the police that stopped me were traffics and they only had a note of 3 out of the 10 . long story short...... dunno mate!
  12. OMJAN

    Trackday St185

    alright lads, was wondering if you can help me...... the car was starting no problem, then when i towed it to my mates garage yesterday it wouldnt start to drive it in????? its fitted with the same alarm as my 205(think its a toyota standard one) it seems like the fuel cut off is staying on. the car has plenty of batt. power , turns over , sparks all the leads. theres £50 worth of v power in it so plenty fuel...... sometimes when being turned over the central locking flicks on then off.... im puzzled ive disconnected the power and left it for a while ..... still wouldnt start any suggestions as to what to do??? thanks again for all your advice.
  13. OMJAN

    Trackday St185

    so i went out today.... thought id take out a few parts have a general look around the car, clamped!!! the b4st4rds!!!! parked on private property, two other cars with no tax beside it, not been abandoned (im out everyday) bought the car on the 25th of last month, instantly sent off for reg docs and S.O.R.N for the car ( head gasket gone) wouldnt be driving it for a while. call up the clamping company.... they say theres no record of the S.O.R.N ,call up DVLA the first lady says "yes weve received your application" im later told by another advisor no we received your reg doc application. i told them "surely there has to be a period of grace? i cant S.O.R.N the car on the day i buy it?" they reply hmmm. yes ..... maybe.... they were threatening with uplifting the vehicle within 24hrs , charging me £280 to release it (payed £400 for the car!!!!)i spent 4 hours calling back and forth between all involved..... no joy.... so i thought id take things into my own hands..... i managed to drive out of the clamp, no damage caused( to the car) and the DVLA/ clampers can f.uck1ng sing for it!!!! got theyre clamp and they got nuffin.... now i just need to find a council vehicle to put it on!!! b4st4rds, 4r5eh0l3s ,w4nk3r5!!!!!!!! - sorry had to vent it!!!!!
  14. OMJAN

    Trackday St185

    im pretty sure they are single pot , the car is a 92 reg import... was looking at a set of black diamond drilled n grooved for the front , can get them CHEAP. SORRY FAWBS MEANT 80 QUID .... they should fit, they were on a uk widebody???- unless u know otherwise. I think i will stick with the 185 head just now.... might look into that later on.... was looking into the turbo from the caldina gt4 but it wont fit the 185 only change up for the 205, something to do with the design of the exhaust manifold. i doubt that im going to manage to do this all at once, obviously need to do the gaskets,pumps ,pads and intercooler pipes- that much is needed to make it driveable!!! theres so much to do any suggestions on what to do first? im already itching to hit the track also was going to get a full mls gasket set from ebay anyone got an opinion my other option was from nengun performance at nearly 3x the price? forbes... u might well be hearing from me after the bank holiday.... cheers all and have a good 1 :D
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