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  1. Contemplating purchasing a NEW Prius What is the current generation?? When was it released?? Is a Facelift / New Model imminent??Many Thanks
  2. You wish !!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Morning - Iq'ers Well worth having your recall done - both for the Safety and now the Monetary rewards. Toyota have just sent me a Gift Card for 20.00GBP.
  4. Anbrian


    George Hi My Iq2 was registered 01/2009 Heard about the recall on here and then checked my car registration number on the Toyota website. The website advised my car was subject to the recall. Then advised my Dealer who at that time had no details - but he did advise me when he had details. This led to him ordering the parts and the subsequent booking to have the work done. Suggest you check with the Toyota website and your dealer !!!! Regards
  5. Anbrian


    Hi I have a 58 plate Iq2 auto - Just been advised by my Dealer that the parts for the "Brake Recall" are in - Iq booked in for next week. Not sure how long it will take - prepared to let them have the car for the whole day if needed.
  6. I made a Storage Box with a lid - this sits between the front seats behind the handbrake. The mat supplied with the car sits on top to help hide it.
  7. If this helps on the steering recall. As a result of the link here, I checked with the Toyota webpage noted qualified for the recall. Local Dealer called soon after to advice that I had to wait for a recall letter. On receipt of the recall letter - booked the car in. Software of the unit has been updated - NO PARTS required.
  8. iQ2 Automatic 55.70 MPG (Current Odometer 4096 miles) You may also like to look at my "Mileage Information" post - which shows the mileage at different stages of the Fuel Gauge (ie that is when the various Blocks / Lights disappear / go off.
  9. Hi Some may find this informative and interesting!! My iQ2 AUTOMATIC Fuel Meter-Last Block FLASHING-Odometer 3710-Tank filled with 31.50L/6.93UK Gallons-FULL SIX BLOCKS ON First Block - OUT Trip 160 Second Block - OUT Trip 198 Second Block - BACK ON Trip 220 Second and Third Block - OFF Trip 272 Fourth Block - OFF Trip 301 Fourth Block - BACK ON Trip 321 Fourth Block - OFF Trip 331 Fifth Block - OFF Last Block - FLASHING Trip 336 LAST TWO Blocks - BACK ON Trip 349 Last Block - FLASHING Trip 359 Last TWO Blocks - BACK ON Trip 361 Last Block - FLASHING Trip 368 Tank Filled FULL SIX BLOCKS ON Odometer 4096 Trip 386 32.00L / 7.03UK Gallons My calculation indicates a 54.90MPG / 55.70MPG How does this compare with you iQ?????
  10. May be I should re phrase the question - to read "Which Engine Oil" do you use?? The manual is not clear - it states several grades ??
  11. Hi Which ENGINE oil is type should I be using in my Toyota iQ2 Automatic 0W-50 0W-20 or ?? Please advise
  12. Hi Which Engine Oil do I need for my iQ2. The Manual is confusing e.g. 0W-20 or 5W-30 What do you use in the UK Thank you for looking
  13. Anbrian

    Back Pack

    Hi I have seen a Back Pack for the IQ but cannot find the Web Page - Can anybody help with the link Many thanks
  14. Hi Purchased today a Very Low Mileage (58 Plate) IQ2 in White - Collecting next Friday Not long to wait - Watch out for Pictures Thanks for looking
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