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  1. Our 1.00 IQ is nearly a year old and apart from MPG being nowhere as good as expected we`re not too unhappy. Now we`re thinking of an addition...a 3door 1.8 Yaris. If we wanted a hot hatch we`d look elsewhere but generally is this model a good Toyota? I presume this is the place to ask?
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    Just had the recall done.......considering we got the car Dec 12th I thought we`d missed the problem.....however now I think the car was needing the fix.......very very slightly the car would run on a bit when coasting. Since it`s my first variomatic I thought that was the reason but now I`m n ot so sure......car was cleaned well inside and out but no voucher for whoever.
  3. The tonneau was in place and the bag was in the "box" so thanks for that. It`s about 32mpg with air con.
  4. Hello, first post and surprise surprise on this topic. Although we`ve had the car [iQ 1.00 multidrive]for three months it`s done only about 500 miles and most of that in 4 or 5 mile trips around town. I`m getting no better than 7miles/litre. Seems pretty awful! I love the car even though this is a concern. Can somebody tell me what to do with the bag in the boot compartment.