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  1. Thanks for the replies, the car was only serviced about 1,400 miles ago. I don't want to troubleshoot the issue as the car has a warranty, I'm glad this isn't a common thing with the engine - I'll phone the dealership and have them look at it. Will keep you informed.
  2. On a cold morning where it has been frosty overnight, my car isn't starting on it's first go. Turn key, wait on glowplug light going off (Very quick) ... start engine - it turns and then cuts off. Last week one day I had to accelerate to get it to fire up, and then it sat revving over 1,000 RPM (Which then died down) - not something I experienced with any of my VW TDI cars, is this normal for the Toyota D-4D engine? I've no issue giving the car some throttle on starting, but I don't want to be doing it if the car shouldn't need it.
  3. I recognise that username! An Ex-SEAT driver by any chance? (A black Leon FR TDI springs to mind!) ;) Adam - That looks like a bargain for £20! Is this a UK-Wide service? Wouldn't mind that Toyota bag for keeping some of my car cleaning kit in!
  4. I'll be honest, I didn't read up much on the different trim levels and such when I bought my Auris - though at the same time the salesman at the Toyota dealership didn't advise me much on my options. It was very much a case of the 2.0 D-4D TR or a 2.2 D-4D SR (At about £3,000 extra). If I was buying the car now I'd be keeping an eye out for a 2.0 D-4D T-Spirit with the extra toys ... though with the TR being the more common model I was able to go in browsing and then picking up the new car a few days later. Not looking to start an argument or a debate but the HSD models are really not for me. Since I started driving I've always liked diesel cars and would like to stick to them for a bit longer yet - I think the fuel economy, tax charges and power received from my car at the moment is spot on - sure I'd like the extra 60 horses the 2.2 would bring but realistically I drive the same roads each day and find the current car is good in various traffics. Glad to see people are liking a happy post... I made this thread for that very reason - I hope that my next 10,000 miles go just as well... I'm feeling confident that my time owning this car will be a good experience.
  5. I've now owned my Auris for over six months and covered my first 10,000 miles ... car has just been serviced so I've created a mini-review with my thoughts so far... I like to read these threads myself so it may be interesting for others to read. My previous cars for the last few years have each been VAG, a mix of VW and SEAT each with 1.9 TDI's and different power outputs and gearboxes. I was happy with the range of cars but I bought the Auris for two reasons... I wanted a taste of a different car (And had no interest in a French/Italian car) and also wanted something slightly smaller with enough room for our little one - my partner sometimes struggled with the Passat on her own. I wanted to try a Japanese car and was undecided on the Civic so the Auris/Corolla it was. I took the Auris because it was a reasonable sized car and offered a good engine, the 2.0 D-4D. The salesman tried pushing us to drive a 1.6 petrol engine but as I cover 20K a year and like a bit of oomph in the car, I had no interest. The 2.0 diesel would give me similar performance, economy and behave similar to what I was used to. So I bought the Auris and got a lower spec than I thought ... my previous cars had Climate Control, Cruise Control and a 6-CD Changer... the later two I would never use anyways so the loss of climate is the only thing I miss, I did get one in Silver though and within my budget which was ideal. I intended on buying shortly after the release of the '10 plate, bundled with the recall that was going on I actually got a trade in value for my previous car that was the same as I had paid for it 18 months before... buying the Toyota seemed like a good idea... and it was. So in six months my thoughts on various areas are below... Fuel Consumption - I'm getting about 480 to 500 miles to a £50 tank. Performance - Spot on, I do feel it slow initially taking off but it's fine once rolling. Noise Levels - Road noise is fine, wind noise is fine, engine is noisy when cold but above average for a diesel of similar age when warmed up. I find this quieter than my previous VW diesels and a lot quieter compared to my partners 58 Astra 1.9 CDTI. Reliability - Only one issue to date with lack of power and a lot of smoke, a blocked EGR valve was the culprit and the car has been fine since it was replaced by the dealership. The rear brakes seized up also, dealership stripped down and cleaned then fitted new pads and this hasn't re-occured either. Interior Quality - No issues to date, a few scratches on the inner B pillar where the seatbelt catch rests. I try to hoover out the car and dust on a bi-monthly basis. Bodywork Quality - No issues here either, I did find some specks of rust which have cleared - not sure what the cause of this was. When I picked the car up we stripped the previous waxes off and gave it a claying, two coats of Collonite and then sealed - when washed the car looks as good as it did the day it rolled out of the factory. One wheel has a slight kerb mark on it which was there when I bought it. Space - No issues with space. Car comfortably takes three adults, a baby, pram and a load of shopping - with that can happily sit at 80MPH on a motorway and maintain good MPG. Tyres - Wearing as expected, no issues. Another point to note is that I replaced the registration plates on the car with my own when fitting a cherished registration. The front plate is shorter than normal yet meets the legal requirement, this at a glance allows the Auris to stand out slightly when parked next to similar models, and the dealership also commented that it was a nice touch. (When the car went in to get the EGR valve replaced, the front plate was slightly loose - the dealership re-fitted this using thick sticky pads rather than screws to my preference) All in all, things have been fine. At the 30K service yesterday an Engine Flush was recommended along with replacing my torn rear window wiper, this cost me £22.05 all in and the service was covered as part of a Service Plan when the car was purchased, the dealership didn't wash the car (At my request) and valeted the interior which was spotless and smelling fresh afterwards. I've been quite happy with both purchase and aftersales service received by the Toyota dealership in Linwood that I've used. One negative point though when speaking to a salesman whilst waiting on the car was that on the new Auris they don't intend on fitting the 2.0 D-4D engine - this will stop me buying the new Auris in 18 months time when I change. :(
  6. Nice clip and snaps. Couldn't help but notice the Climate Control, something different from my 2007 'TR'. I'm guessing the spec changed for newer models, which is a bit unfortunate considering the later models don't have the 2.0 D-4D engine.
  7. Ideal, the 30K service is on Friday so I'll point this out to them again. Thanks, Chris.
  8. I hear a slight click and found it to be the same on a workmates IS220d. I think the one I hear on both is the switch which prevents you starting the car without having the clutch engaged.
  9. I too have these fitted on my car, was an additional extra I added when buying. I can't comment on the spray without, but the spray isn't all that bad compared to my previous hatchback car. (Seat Ibiza)
  10. Yip, activated with heated rear screen. Mines clear the mirrors fully in about one minute and are warm to the touch.
  11. Other than the second and third, these are nonsense. Hardly relevant for this section of the forum also?
  12. Should have just bought a VW!
  13. Could be anything at all, condition, colour, etc. When I bought my Auris I could have spend just a little more and got a T180 but I wanted a used car in "new" condition.
  14. Had a read through the thread and only picked up on one success story with a 2.0 D-4D. I'd be interested in adding this to my car, but don't want to spend the £70 to find it won't work. What are the chances of this working on my car? It's a UK model with the CRUISE light (Which I assume is on all models) and the cover on the right hand side of the steering wheel.
  15. I prefer the old, the "Euro" look isn't well suited on a Japanese car IMO.