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  1. Thanks Tony. All sorted today and was quite straight forward👍
  2. Hello all Need to replace my inner driveshaft boot on a 2007 auris 1.4 petrol. Do I need to split the outer cv joint first. I think I done one before but can't remember. Any advice greatly appreciated
  3. Hello all Daughters auris 1.4 petrol when idling is hunting constantly between 1000 and 1500 revs. Disconnected earth on battery for 10 mins but still the same on restart. I'm assuming a sensor. Whereabouts is the idle sensor located and can it be removed and cleaned? Thanks
  4. Hi all Looking to buy a cruiser for pulling a 10x5 trailer and some light field work. A friend has a 100 series and says its bomb proof basically. What's your thoughts on this?
  5. I'd go for a new multimedia screen. Buy from a reputable dealer. Had the same issue on daughters car and screen went blank eventually. All is fine now with new screen
  6. The heat from the engine can make the wires brittle. I was too quick to assume a coil but I'm sure I'll need it at some stage. Thanks everyone for your help. Much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for replies . After several days of looking I've discovered that a wire going to the coil on cyl 1 had slightly broken. Run for two days and no fault. Replaced wire as far as I could and hey presto sorted.
  8. My daughter has my old 1.4 07 auris. Yesterday went on 3 cylinders. Diagnosis showed misfire on cyl 1. Changed plugs and put new Delphi coil on that cylinder. Started on 4 cylinders and fault cleared. Driving down the rd had a constant hesitation but no fault showed. Then onto 3 cylinders. Put on diagnostics and shows misfire on cyl 1. Has she fried the new coil or possible injector?
  9. Ok flash thanks. Thanks to all for help and advice. Greatly appreciated.
  10. Absolutely. It's the reversing camera I miss most
  11. Flash 32 photos showing numbers
  12. Another thing he said yesterday was that some of them have to go to toyota to be reprogrammed to the brain as there's no longer any radio codes.
  13. Thanks flash. Can u actually buy the LCD screen?. Spoke to a tv guy yesterday who said the light cant be replaced.
  14. Screen looks complete furtura. Have a look. Has this screen got built in lights?
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