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  1. Hello all. Both flashing tonight on car and then go out and then on again. Is my alternator faulty .
  2. Just fitted a new towbar with 7 pin wiring. Need to attach a basic buzzer. Grey, orange, black, green and yellow wire. Tried a few online diagrams but not working. Anyone know the procedure for corolla fitting. Thanks
  3. Thanks stavino. Hope to start it tomorrow so will try that
  4. Thanks Richard. Need to run a tap through first because of rust and bolts not marked with size
  5. Hello all, I've a 2007 corolla diesel and gonna fit a towbar to it, does anyone know the thread size which is predrilled in chassis? Thanks
  6. Hi all, I've a 07 auris and inner driveshaft boot is gone. Do I need to remove the outer joint first or can I take inner one off without touching outer joint.. Thanks in advance
  7. toylexus


    Thanks colourd, that's brilliant
  8. toylexus


    Hello, I've a 07 Corolla 2.0 diesel. Is the chassis predrilled for a towbar that I could fit myself. Thanks
  9. Hi Bruce, I'd enquired about a new rav 4. May 2020. What on earth is going on.
  10. toylexus

    USB music

    Hello all Daughter recently bought a new yaris 1.5 icon tech. She uses the usb for music but every time she stops the car and restarts it goes back to the start of music. Dies anyone know can this be changed. I've looked but cant see anything to change it. Least with cds it started off where it stopped. Thanks
  11. toylexus


    It's a hatchback
  12. toylexus


    Hi all. Wife has a 2007 2.0 d4d diesel Corolla. There seems to be a lot of towbar differences. How do i know which one is correct and are holes pre drilled in chassis?
  13. Thank you so much Dean, much appreciated, great help as always
  14. Can't actually see the torque setting for the 4 bolts holding the bearing in place
  15. Thank you fortula. It's a 2007 1.4 petrol