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  1. Fortula thank you very much. Thats exactly what happened. Someone had super glued the old fob and the chip was stuck fast and looked moulded in. I managed to break it free and got it to fit new key. All is well so thanks again for your great advice .👍👍
  2. I got a new key from ebay for my 07 auris 1.4 petrol. Took the parts from old key fob and put them into new key. Its opening and closing doors ok and turns engine over but wont start. Can i program this myself or is it a Toyota visit. Thanks in advance.
  3. toylexus

    Glow plugs

    Hello Ive a 2.0 diesel 07. What glow plugs do i need for it. Were they denso. Thanks
  4. Looks like a nightmare in their. Its all plastic clips. Havent got anywhere near stalks yet.
  5. Thanks got that sorted. Theres a central swival bit with white tapes on it. Does it come out seperately or does that whole unit come out as one.
  6. Eygo theres a wire at back of airbag and cant get it off. Any ideas.
  7. Thanks eygo. Thats brilliant. Much appreciated
  8. As previous post says its defo ur clutch actuator. Dealers are inclined to do all clutch flywheel etc
  9. Hello all Need to change indicator switch on my 07 auris. Anyone know how to remove airbag. Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks old codger. Think ill stick with toyota ones to be sure
  11. Hi all. Does anyone know where i can get glide pins for my corolla 2.0 d4d. Its really only the rubber boots i need but will buy kit if need be. Thanks in advance 8
  12. Thanks guys, new battery it will be then.
  13. Hi all/ got a petrol avensis 2004 and noticed recently the car is getting harder to open, have to press button on fob 7 times or more, thought battery but it locks fine first time and from a distance locks first time. Anyone any ideas, thanks in advance
  14. Hi guys, I had similar problem, replaced two sensors and a week later same fault occurred. Auto electrician says unused fuel hitting sensors so currently looking at the cause but baffled just now. get the odd hesitation, replaced plugs and coil packs but still the same.
  15. Thanks everyone. Pcv valve has the rattle but cleaned it anyhow. The starting issue is a big problem. Could it be crankshaft sensor