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  1. 1. If you choose automatic mode, the car (or computer) makes temperature stay at example 19 C . If you put only AC on, car pushes fresh and cleaned air through and you can choose temperature, where it blows and you "fast". 2. Of course you can, read the manual, there is explanation for what's the difference between AC on or off. AC off takes air straight from outside and pushes it out to inside of car, if you put AC on, it cleans and freshess, (if you could say it that way) and blows it in. Sorry my bad english I hope you understand at least something.
  2. Tomppis

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    Toyota Auris 1,6 VVT-i Sol plus Toyota Motorsport Spoiler, Toyota Motorsport 30 mm lowering springs, Tinted Rear windows, Muffler tip
  3. Maybe. But if you have warranty left, take it to the toyota service and you don't have to pay anything.
  4. I think facelifted model is all the same, two reflectors on back bumper, I don't like it, new headlights ok but not so different. Also I had great offer for this and I have calculated that I saved thousands of euros because of our familyfriend works in Toyota store so that is why I bought this one.
  5. I had squealing since I got Auris and I took it to service and I knew that they should change my brake pads under warranty and they did that. Also they said that it's model problem that pads squeal.
  6. Okay, cool ! I think we should talk with PMs because it's easier to me. :D Yea, in south there was like 60-80 cm snow, correct? I think we had something around 50 +/- 10 cm. And cold. Hrrrr.. But yes, maybe only one who lives in these latitudes. : D But no problem, okay, my car is new I got it in December but it's 2008 model anyway it was new. (maybe 2 or 3 kilometers driven) (New pictures in my gallery)
  7. Thanks ! My future plans are new rims for the summer but I really don't know what kind of. :S I think maybe some lip, not chrome. Also I had planned to tint my front windows like you, Alex, and maybe new radio. Nothing is certain at the moment. Also interested in to buy new silencer because I red your "text" about it and I think that it sounds pretty great. New front bumber or that little longation because it brings more look. Climate in Oulu is not so different comparing rest of Finland. Of course city is, I think, coldest coast city. But no, I didn't got any problems in December - January and they were pretty cold even for us (-30 C) but I have engine/block heater so they helped. Maybe little longer it started but always started. Alex, do you speak finnish at all? You speak so perfect english so have to ask because I have some questions and I thought that I'd like to ask those privately and in finnish? : D Oh, and almost forgot, I know that pictures can be uploaded like that but they were pretty big so I decided to put links. I took pictures today but after three pictures my camera broke (at least I think so). Maybe tomorrow is a good day and I take last pictures with winter rims and tires and start changing summer tires/rims.
  8. Hello everyone! So I'm new here and my language skill is ok so try to understand if I'm asking something ! :) I also added a few pictures they are not so great etc. but i'll promise to send more when I take more. :D So please, give comments and suggestions about is there something missing and it definitely should be on my car. I'd enjoy that. http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/4530/img9106x.jpg http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/1230/24820285.jpg http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/7377/img9124k.jpg As you can see I already have the TTE or Toyota Motorsport spoiler, lowering springs (-30 mm), tinted rear windows and the mighty muffler tip ! : D I added some pictures in my gallery so go, check and leave comments. Thanks !
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