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  1. TBH mate I've had very little luck sourcing anything for my comp. Had to have exhaust custom made, got few bits meant for the T sport but even these seem to be getting thin on the ground now. Asked for a few times on here and had no help with various stuff, like exhaust had zero responses so sorted it myself. Plugs, only response was stick with what toyota recomend - if you have better luck let me know.
  2. As far as I'm aware a worn suspension bush will be an mot failure dependant on the level of wear. From what you dexcribe it sounds like failed bushes.
  3. Hi, thanks for the response, had a look on there site but getting slightly muddled as I don't know if bushes are interchangeable for t sport and compressor. Might have to give em a ring. cheers
  4. Howdy all, does anyone know where I can get hold of some poly bushes for my compressor. If not anywhere I can get hold of standard bushes baring Toyota of course. Thanks guys and gals.
  5. You don't say how you were driving. But if you were cornering under acceleration I suppose it's possible to make any cars tyres smoke. Braking, well yeah, hard breaking could produce smoke. If you were doing what they claim then as stated above you know if you were driving quick and so it's unlucky but you got caught out, you'll have to see how you get on at court.
  6. Just my two cents worth but if it was me and the option is there I would not be happy having an engine replaced with an item sourced from ebay. From a point of view of warranty you get 3 months but if you have engine failure after 3 months your in trouble. Sure you could excessivley use the car for 3 months just to check but you'd never be sure. Whats the history of the engine they've sourced? you just don't know - could have been thrashed to death. May not have been well maintained. If it was me I would want a refund and walk away.
  7. Well that sounds like engine knock to me - could be wrong but I wouldn't risk it with the symptoms you've decribed. This occurs due to irregular combustion in the cylinders but can be caused by many issues. I would hope for your sake it isn't but if I were you I would defo get a call out on it and not drive it anywhere. I certainly would not start the engine. Heavy knock can and usually does cause terminal engine damage.
  8. Have to be poly bushes(if I could find some) all round. Front mount intercooler and if funds would allow coilies.
  9. come on guys, anyone got any ideas what the best plug for mine is? I'd appreciate the help. Thanks
  10. Howdy, can anyone tell me the plug type for my compressor. Thanks Nick
  11. On a standard block you will have to run low boost - not sure what the motor is capable of handling with stock internals but previous post is probably about right. Supercharging is an option if you can get a kit it usually includes all the basics you require - I believe Blitz made a kit aimed at the celica and obviously there is the TTE kit if you can still get hold of it. Generally if you want more low down power forced induction is the way to go and supercharging is cost effective(relativley). With regard to the previous post stating that the power gain is possible on a naturally aspirated application this is correct but it will likely cost you a lot more and produce a motor that is strung out and peaky. For track work bouncing around at high revs is fine but on the roads torque would be preferable. Just my two cents worth but if your going to do it I would check if any kits are still available and work from there. If you decide to look at turbocharging the amount of additional parts required will be much greater and may involve custom items. A small example is a turbo manifold which alone will be very costly.
  12. Howdy, I'm not looking forward to this problem, mine haven't gone as of yet but when they do I think I will be going down the coilover route. Seems to me if a part goes why not improve. Easier to justify to the misses that way to ;)
  13. Re the head gasket you would know if thats gone due to smoky exhaust and the presence of "mayo" under the oil filler cap. You'd normally have coolant left in the tank as well but it may be discoloured.
  14. Cheers for that mate. Yeah I thought along those lines I know that in some instances a lack of back pressure can burn valve seats but I figured with my motor being forced induction this would not pose a problem. Just have to see how it goes and hope I don't get pulled for the noise in the meantime.
  15. Howdy, more on the exhaust saga. I have now had my exhaust fabed up and fitted looks amazing - will get pic's up. However in a moment of madness and to maybe free up ponies I opted for straight pipes, as in no silencer and larger bore pipework. trims are not much bigger than standard. will get it back in again to place a larger mid silencer so as not to ruin the look at the rear. My question is this with no rear silencer does anyone know if this could cause any type of aditional engine wear or potential faults. Cheers Nick
  16. Well guys and gals I have solved both problems found a decent exhaust faber in Elgin so booked in there to have a complete custom system fitted on Tuesday. Thanks for all the input...
  17. Howdy, Not long back I posted about suppliers for custom exhausts in Inverness. Well my exhaust has gone now with an inch gap between flange and back box. Sounded ace but needs sorting. anyone know if a T sport aftermarket exhaust would fit the mid section flange as a temporary solution. Cheers
  18. Howdy, my exhaust has started to blow on my compressor and so it has become time to buy a stainless system. Just wondering if anyone knows of a company near Inverness that could fab up a decent stainless system for me. If not were would be best to go. Thanks for any help you can give guys and gals.
  19. I use mobil fully synth 5 - 30w. NGK's or Denso are good. Would recomend using a toyota origonal filter though.
  20. Cheers for that, yeah thought delivery would take a while. Not to worried about instructions just think it is a superior filter to the usual offerings.
  21. Howdy, thinking of buying an apexi intake for my compressor, I have seen one at nengun. Anybody used this firm and can you say whether they were good or you waited months for delivery. Anybody tell me any drawbacks to this intake. It's a dry filter so should have no issues with MAF. I'm not really bothered about power gains, etc just something else to do under the bonnet. Cheers.
  22. Howdy, I don't know much about these motors but you shouldn't have any oil in the intercooler. Intercooler just has air passing through it. Are you 100% that your looking at an intercooler hose. I suppose there could be a small amount of oil due to crankcase breathing but should not be to much.
  23. I have always managed to re use the gasket but I managed to get new gaskets from parts king.
  24. As mentioned they usually do little for actuall performance but that said if an increase is gained then you will use more fuel. This is because in theory your getting more oxygen in each induction stroke so therefore the ECU should allow more fuel for the optimum mixture hence why you get more power. In reality though this is hardly ever the case.
  25. You could try using heat this will normally remove a stubborn bolt/nut. If you can't do this, good old WD40 is your friend, liberally apply it and leave for an hour give it another drenching and then leave for some more time to give it chance to penetrate then go for it with a breaker. If your going to use heat then be carefull not to melt anything vital, I've had similar prob's and used oxy torch but a blow torch should do the trick. An impact wrench can work but there is also the risk of rounding the bolt.
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