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  1. Happy Birthday banzai!

  2. Thank You. Now they are driving Lexuses...Red Yaris 54, Raistlin
  3. It will be very pleasant to me to help You, my dear Toyota (Lexus, Daihatsu, Scion) Owners, in everything in Ukraine. Because I wish to save You from swindlers. So You can e-mail me or massage me at ICQ and Skype.
  4. I think so, but anyway I pay to pass checkup without turn...
  5. Check out some new optics on my Camry: black halo head lights & LED tail lights with clear turn signals
  6. Welcome! Fantastic vehicle! Looks very young!
  7. Hello, another one good car!
  8. WOW! Real 3-door monster! Hi! I like Corollas of those years...
  9. Hello! I was in Glasgow in 2003 and won 2 gold medals...
  10. Welcome! Nice choice! But I will never drive MR2 (my heught is 203 cm )
  11. 200SX is simillar to Silvia if I get You right...
  12. Hello! What's happened with your car?