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  1. Hello there,

    When I first got my 2001 Avensis I noticed a similar phenomenon. After a long journey with the air-con on, I parked up outside my house. Minutes later I noticed a liquid dribbling from the same location you describe. On checking the fluid levels, they were all ok so it wasn't a leak. It was just water, condensation I think, dribbling off the condenser, or whatever it's called :rolleyes: , used by the air-con unit.

    Of course I may be wrong, but I think it is just normal and I didn't worry about it.

    Like the air-con, which is just a big fridge, a kitchen fridge produces water too, which you never see as it quickly evaporates from the back.

    Hope this helps,


  2. I also have the same query for a 2001 Avensis.

    My understanding is that the little black sticky deflectors should be used to cover the prism in the headlight lens to stop the beam blinding the oncoming French drivers.

    As the headlight lenses on the Avensis are clear with no prism, similar to most modern cars, I guess the sticky deflectors would not be suitable.

    I read on a motoring website, giving info on driving abroad, that modern headlamps have a concealed switch somewhere to adjust the shape of the beam. A quick flick converts the beam shape required for driving on the left to that required for diving on the right. I also recently read in the motoring section of one newspaper a letter from a BMW owner saying how convenient this feature was on their car.

    I have had a quick look for a similar "switch" around the back of the headlights but I can't seem to find one. Does anybody know if the Avensis has one, and specifically where it is?

    If there isn't one, then I guess the crude sticky paper/tape on the lens solution as suggested on the Corolla forum would be the only answer.



  3. The Sat-Nav box should indeed be in the boot, on the left hand side within the grey fabric casing.

    Remember to make sure you have your ignition on when trying to load/unload the cd-rom, otherwise the cd loading drawer won't open...

    Hope this helps,


  4. This may not be anything to do with your particular remote lock/unlock problem, but I find that when I park up in my local Toyota dealer's car park I struggle to lock the doors remotely. I have to fire a carefully aimed signal to where (I think) the car is listening from. What's worse is being unable to unlock it with the remote having previously spent all that effort locking and arming it :crybaby:

    The problem here, according to the dealer, is the large mobile phone transmitter next to their site interferring with all the remote signals.

    Never experienced this problem elsewhere other than when I take Glenda (the name of the voice behind the Sat Nav :lol: ) for a service...


  5. Hi,

    My old Corolla had a remote alarm/locking with a rolling code whatsit (not factory fitted). I had it fitted at my local main Toyota dealer and they gave me two fobs. They explained to me about the rolling code business, i.e. the fob sending a different code each time to disarm/unlock the car, and my question to them at the time was that if you came to use your spare fob one day, how did the new fob know what code the other fob had sent the car when it locked it?

    The dealer didn't seem to know, (presumeably it is to do with pseudo-random code geration), but he said that if I held down the unlock button continuously the new fob would eventually synchronise itself with the car and it should all work again. :hokus-pokus:

    I never had to try this though, so it may not work, but it's worth a go.

    Hope this helps.

  6. I have a 2001 model and have also noticed that, when on full lock there is a grating kind of noise. <_< I also remember the Carina E did this (94 and 97 models I once drove) , but I didn't hear it on my old (98)Corolla. I don't think it is a problem, but I am no expert.



  7. Hello Lollo,

    Do you mean the word "NAVI" that appears just under the "TRIP" button?

    I fear that appears on all units and doesn't necessarily mean you have any Sat-Nav.

    Borrowed a Yaris last week whilst my Avensis was in for a service. The Yaris had the word "NAVI", but unlike the Avensis, no navigation system. As Nick says the Sat-Nav component is a separate unit.

    Hope this helps,


  8. Hello all,

    I wondered if anyone might be able to suggest how I remove the radio/cass from my 98 Corolla so I may replace it with a funky new cd player. I removed the narrow plastic surround but couldn't see any obvious screws to remove or clips to pop to allow the radio to come out. I wondered if the "hump" in the dash containing the radio unit should come off to allow access. It seems pretty securely fixed though.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated,



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