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  1. dennisj

    1.8 Mk1 Model

    Hi bothwell, It takes a long time to persuade a horse out of the stable on a cold morning and being steel shod they are useless in the snow. regards.
  2. dennisj

    1.8 Mk1 Model

    Thank you for the welcome anchorman, if I am successful you will see my daughter here quite frequently as she is involved with her cars, (there is a lot of boy racer in her). That would be the problem with the Daihatsu Terios SX, it lacks image, her present saxo is black, tinted windows, lowered suspension, flared arches with wide white OZZ alloys, see pic attached. I do not doubt that the RAV would get similar love and attention but she would be inclined to agree with Clarkson's summing up of the Daihatsu, not very interesting and lets get to the pub. Thank you for the info about the 1.8 not being 4 wheel drive, as it is the snow conditions in the country lanes that motivates the RAV interest. The model in mind would be the 4.1 as it is funkier, the 4.2 is a nice looking car but maybe a bit more staid, at a pinch the diesel bonnet scoop could do the trick if that is the better car. Oh and yes I will be contributing to the cost........again! Dennis.
  3. dennisj

    1.8 Mk1 Model

    Hi, I have been working hard trying to persuade my 18 year old daughter to change her saxo for a Rav 4, the Mk1 looks a bit funkier than the later models. The issue is that she works at a stable yard........ in the middle of the sticks...... and gets paid the minimum wage rate so has very little spare cash, so is the 1.8 any good, what kind of fuel economy can she expect and are they reliable. If there is a better model (bearing in mind limited funds) I would appreciate your experience, knowledge and thoughts. Regards.