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  1. Thanks for reply. Any special oil recommended above and beyond Toyota's specifications ?
  2. On the whole the gearbox is smooth as silk, but of late once in a while when approaching a junction and expecting a change down to 2nd or 1st gear I put my foot down as normal for a smooth change and seems to be a sever loss of power! This infact is gearbox has not changed down. Instantly sorted by 'a 'kick-down' and all appears to be fine. 115,000 miles 56 reg 2ltr Petrol VVT Is it time for a gearbox oil change? Thanks in advance.
  3. Happy Birthday Flackadder!

  4. For ages one of the front sidelights has not been working. Anyhow, the other day I needed to change a REAR tail light bulb. Whilst doing this I managed to foolishly blow a fuse and while I was going through all the fuses I noticed that at one stage the front sidelight came on!! But after replacing fuses and replacing the relays etc it is now not working. I am thinking this is not a earthing problem...more of a 'something else' problem. Any ideas ? Thanks .
  5. Well managed to only break two clips when removing cover. Bent the pins in socket over a bit, pushed plug back in and re-fitted. Cover snapped back in okay. See how long it works for!
  6. HI Frostyballs, Tried the full out slow in several times to no avail/. Will try a little silicon spray later....not enough to make wet, just the slightest amount.
  7. Tapped the drivers mirror on gate post on mine (T25 2006, I guess). Now the mirror etc works all fine and moves about as required, but the indicator only works when it wants and when it is wet. Thats bound to be an MOT failure so, I need to get inside and check connections or whatever. How do I start with getting the lamp/indicator bits off? Umm! Looking at an above post, the back cover comes off.....lets hope I am very careful with that :-)
  8. Drivers seat belt is getting quite slow to rewind. The belt is not frayed or anything. What could I do to aid this at all? Was thinking of a little silicon spray where the belt enters the pillar. Avensis year 2006 (56) Cheers.
  9. Grrr! I may need to nip into work :-(

  10. Over stepped the mark twice in two days. I am going to break, I know it.

  11. Okay, will check that tomorrow. I have a 56 plate Avensis...if that helps at all !!
  12. Candy Crush Saga it is then......brb.

  13. Between work, LOTRO, geocaching, Farmville and grandchildren...no time for anything else :-)

  14. Thanks for that, Frosty/ That will be looked at the weekend. Not sure if that will help the 'smoke/vapour' from air vent though!
  15. I do get water under car once in while when I stop and air con been on.