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  1. As the title ,anyone got one within 15quids petrol of wednesbury/wolverhampton .Dont need the tyre if there isnt one . wheel cannot be damaged ,but doesnt need to be mint
  2. is there anyone local to wolves ,that has a fault reader .just need the code read and light turned off. the car is fine , goes into lift as normal .Came on randomly.
  3. I put a screw in each one ,make sure youve disconnected the battery for atleast 30mins before hand.then take it round the block give it death and you wont have an issue
  4. Ok so they already stopped me from driving on the motorway over the bank holiday as one was out ,thought it was the ballast came on sat and still no light so i took it to the garage yesterday ,as i spent half of sat faffing and cutting myself trying to get the drivers side bulb out ,once i realised you cant get it past the circlip i was ******. so while i waited at work i thought yeh they will just whip the bumper off and order new bulbs from euro car parts of something etc . i got there after work ,and tony was shaking his head ,got the bulb out but it comes as part of the associated wiring and theres noway to seperate them . so i was like ***** ,i cant even go back to standard because the standard spade connector isnt there as its wired into the kit. iv just bought some of ebay ,but they wont come till saturday so im talking monday again arrgh. so does anyone know anywhere in the wolverhampton,walsall,birmingham area that stocks the bulbs ,just spent ages on yell.com .cant go through another weekend of not driving at night EDIT**************** Right after much faffing about ,i and getting hold of new bulb-looms iv found the cause.the bulbs are fine .what is the issue ,is that theres not enough current to power them ,theres a short somewhere because now the highbeams come on witthe main lines ,only with the power of sidelights :S,so i popped in a standard H7 as atleast now i have something lit up in there all be it not at full power . so does anyone know of any decent auto sparkies that can actually fix my low current issue . because at the moment im looking to chop the car in and go forced induction if the insurance allows tar in advance cheers in advance
  5. i noticed in a couple of threads you seem like there marketing guy i dont think its much better over there or am i missing something Anyways to the OP ,youl need a fascia adapter of ebay and stalk adapter for whatever headunit you choose (pioneer or sony)
  6. Just a heads up , HIDs are illegal as of jan 1st 2012 unless fitted with projectors ,self levellers and headlamp washers. so it will fail your next MOT unless you find a friendly tester or take them out . Anyway depends if your wanting them for the looks or for the function , i prefer the former .I have a 55watt 6000k pure white kit and the difference between it and stock is literally nite and day for illumination of the road. Also better hope you dont get pulled by a clued up cop ,i did towards the end of jan and he was like i saw you coming because of the lights (he was well up a side rd) ,what are they .I was like xenons he was like o kool be on your way .Now he was abit daft but others are not depends if you want to risk it ,i personally couldnt care less im not going back to stock.
  7. save yourself the bother and get apex 40mm drop on my pfl ,so 25mm on a fl i think
  8. i had a look at this , local tyre fitter quoted 56 a corner new. Thought i could get a better deal , ended up with some nearly new micheline pilot premacys .storming in the cold-dry and pretty decent in the wet .better than expected in the snow aslong as it stays flat ,as i found out on saturday
  9. Its fine iv always had circa 28mpg ,oddly its better when i use tesco 99 .so try that but you have a performance orientated car,if mpg is a issue or nusance i doubt its the right car for you
  10. im guessing they have knocked the rear lambda ,take a look under the car
  11. Well there was no phyiscal way my wiring loom would even stretch. paid an auto-elecy from the gym beer money to extend it by 15cm by added wires from an old bettle ,even colour coded it is. i remember the day i put it on , spent most of the nite doing a few pulls up an down the a666 just to here the noise in lift
  12. Underseat ones are ££££ compared to normal boot 1s,all depends on what your expecting from he system an what music you listen too
  13. Whats the beam pattern like , can you control the dip from inside of the car also ?
  14. Stupid question ,but did you disconnect the battery for about 15mins before you even touched anything ,thats what i did when i fitted my typhoon an i blanked all my vacummn hoses off and not a signal light ever.
  15. Never tried to do an eco run , but had to help my mate move house end of oct , an that was a mostly m-way sat at not quite prestige german car speeds an a few bits of lift in the bendies .365miles done 80quid exactly gone
  16. I have all of the consoles but i only play ps3 now so add me up for MW3 Dirty__Chez1988 ,thats 2 underscores btw
  17. 15-20ps is that just your bum dyno lol surely 5bhp at the maximum , it just didnt look like there was that much you took out the cat ,its only a small one compared to alot of cars . i mite give it a go in the new year along with a full mandrel bent system.
  18. I really don't understand your question!? I've read it through a few times but still don't get it. And before anyone suggests it - No I am not drunk! no but i think i still was drunk from last nite . anyway il stop the jibberish and just see how you get on . i really want a decat myself though, even if its a extra 3bhp its still more
  19. so how exactly have you done this ,baring in mind i will need to tell this to the exhaust place , im guessin a wideband o2 sensor . and it being pulled away from the main exhaust stream via spacers
  20. OP 1000cc injectors i was like that must be running so mad boost ,i know u said your looking at 1.8bar ftw. any ideas on how your looking to map it , what kind of characteristics are you looking for ? linear or the old !Removed! of ignition at 5000rpm :D
  21. Thanks for the tip, I seem to recall seeing a post on here by a guy that experienced a leak after running descaled through his matrix. Is there anyone watching that has the heater matrix out and would know if there were any seals or rubber that might get damaged by descaler? @Pimpchez; be good to see a few photos if you remember when you're doing yours! tackled it in the rain an dark ,my god what a fail after alot of cussin in the dark me an my dad got the jubilee clips of ,then managed to get sum hose pipe on it ,realised that drain de-clocker i bought was so good it actually turned to foam as soon as it touched the dam funnel . so nothing actually went down the pipe :censor: anyway after my dad droppin his **** pair of pliers on my subframe ,i was still cussin ,so then was a case of putting it all back together :censor: then realised i never brought any coolant :censor: trip to &*^&*^ shell 20quid lighter and its $%^&*^ blue coolant ,just put about 100ml in . so now i need to go an buy some new pink coolant ,get the matrix out properly and buy sum new jubilee clips . not happy as you can tell , so it will get tackled properly when i get a spare day ,wish is next week never ever in my life lol hope this helps
  22. i heard if you pure warm water on them ,it makes it easier , dont see how its so dam flimsy . i should find out tomoz anyway
  23. No speed bumps round youz lot areas ,thats mad low , im on normal rims an down 40mm and scrape every bump in the midlands
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