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  1. I have to replace my beloved V-reg Corolla as someone managed to rear-end me twice (same person!!). It has now been written off by my insurers and I am thinking of getting a used Prius - probably about 4 years old - but wanted to know: Is it comfortable for long journeys? how much would a new battery cost if it went? Has anyone had this problem? Any advice much appreciated, thanks.
  2. Thanks Richard, Beagh (sorry for the mis-spelling before)and Welshcakes, the garage this morning did the diagnostic including emissions and they were both OK - no fault found. My husband spoke to the senior mechanic and the owner who kindly explained that Toyota tolerances were very strict as to what they recommend, whereas from experience they had found that very often nothing needed to be done, which is the case with our car thank goodness. They said that very often they came on for no reason and that the car runs perfectly normally. Apparently it might have been that there was a hiccough in the running at low revs which we wouldn't notice but the engine management system. So thank you everyone once again for your help. Have a good Easter.
  3. Thanks Beach, unfortunately too late as my husband had already told him we'd had one diagnostic test run. I won't tell them the fault number and just see if they match it.
  4. Thanks, Richard and apologies if you've received this before. Are the emissions part of the diagnostic? If the light is still showing, and the emissions are OK, can we do the MOT? Sorry to ask so many questions but we don't know much about cars, as you can see.
  5. Hi, yes, it was a Toyota dealer. I'm going to get the error code in the morning (they gave me am 0906 number that costs £1.50 a minute as the parts department was too busy) and my husband is going to another Toyota dealer in the morning. Do we just ask them to change the sensor and then run another diagnostic? Our normal dealer charged us £40 last time but the second one has agreed to do it for £10.
  6. We have a constant light for the enging management system and the dealer is saying we need a new Cat system including manifold and ECU unit with control and are quoting around £1500! Help !!
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