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  1. AnnaClare - you would be better to start a new thread with its own title. Bob
  2. The only way to do it on a normal, Gen 2 Prius is, as you say, switch off the a/c, set the fan speed manually and wind the temperature down to 16 or even LO. Quite a few button presses, but does stop the engine running just to provide heat during a short journey, eg while stopped or when coasting.
  3. Anyhoo, to answer HelenT's question in post 10, if you accidentally push P or go to R while moving the car will go into neutral. Just push the lever to D again and away you go. Simples!
  4. I have had water in the battery well. I could not find the source and it never recurred after drying out. I put it down to maybe over-enthusiastic hosing of the underside. Might have another look in there now you have reminded me!
  5. Have you left the battery on charge for while before trying to start? You know you need your foot on the brake to get the Prius into 'ready'? Though I agree with Chris, sounds like the battery has expired and has very low capacity, you might get the car started if it is charged for a while.
  6. Those graphs don't include the final quarter. Still down, but not as bad as at first sight.
  7. Personally I wouldn't leave a battery charging unattended for long.
  8. From Buzzer says: January 9, 2013 at 11:13 What is the boot/luggage Space for Auris tourer (vda)? Compared to Avensis this is nice to know. Reply Amy Coulthard says: January 9, 2013 at 12:19 Hello, Unfortunately, we do not have this information for the Auris Touring Sports as yet. We expect to have further updates on this new model in March. Please do keep a check on the Toyota blog then for the latest news. Many thanks. Reply
  9. I was wondering how much longer the exhaust on my 06 would last. Seven years seems pretty good going. Has anybody else had to replace the exhaust on a Gen 2 yet?
  10. You've been going on about something of no material importance since November. Give it a rest. Go have a beer.
  11. You're right, the VIN ranges are there on the VOSA site now. Must have gone up very recently.
  12. Have you tried posting on priuschat? You'll get lots of help on there Bob
  13. twohats

    Yaris Hybrid

    Does the Yaris hybird have emergency brake assist? Perhaps the motoring journalist applied braking force that most of us don't normally use, and reached the level when brake assist comes into operation? It didn't look good on the video though.
  14. Repair manuals are online, or can be ordered on CD, from They are not inexpensive...
  15. It doesn't state the oil grade used, but if the price charged is anything to go by (£23-31 vs. £31-30 +VAT) I would say yes. It was included as part of a Full+ fixed-price service by the way.