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  1. We use TNT they should do 10kg for £12.00 nxt day. 0800 777222.
  2. I have a 1991 celica bonnet for sale met black A1 condition. Any offers ?
  3. one set of rear 3 point seat belts to fit a Gen 5 celica 1991 wanted if anyone has some ?
  4. I too have an import celica GT-R,i've tried a bigger back box didnt really make any difference except for noise. If it's auto it will be slower as well. Have you tried URL=http://www.celicaclub.co.uk ?
  5. The army did me no harm,bring back conscription :D
  6. OK cheers guys,will get posting asap.good to find the club :D
  7. Already a member of celica-club,found web site from there. :D
  8. Hi I'm a new member as of last week,I have brought something from the for sale forum and need to get hold of the seller but i dont seem to be able to access my inbox or send pm's Does anyone know why ??? if tyre fitter reads this please get in touch Steve.
  9. Hi I cant seem to access my in box so please give me a ring or e-mail me steve.chukwani@virgin.net steve.
  10. Hi If you still have the speaker pods for sale I will take them off your hands. How do you want me to pay you ? 07789 910933 mobile steve.chukwani@virgin.net Cheers.
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