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  1. Hi anyone please give me a picture of the location of the speedo sensor in a 2003 rav4 d4d , my Speedo has stopped working and EML lights comes on after driving for a few miles then goes out when wagon restarted ,many thx

    Wiring Plug

    Anchorman could u please tell me what fault code p1250 turbo system malfunction could relate to

    Wiring Plug

    Where or what these wires actually do , are they only to operate the fuel gauge on the dash, cheers

    Wiring Plug

    Sorry anchorman , it's a diesel, it has 4 wires going into it

    Wiring Plug

    Hi guys does the plug in connector that goes I to the fuel tank of 2003 rav4 only used to read fuel level or what else does it do, I have found my brown and white wire connection to be abit wonkie. Cheers
  6. Seems to be correct anchor man , thanks
  7. Just notice this on my rav4 I think these 2pipes are on wrong, going by pic I seen on the site
  8. My rav losses power and sometimes will take off again , sometimes not until I stop for a bit then it goes ok. It seems to want to go but it's missing occasionally , I have cleaned out all the fuel and serviced.
  9. How do I post a topic please help
  10. HONDAS

    Do You Know

    hi can anyone please tell me what this part number is for and what year of rav 4 it belong too,pz457-x0562-00 , thankyou
  11. my dealer sold and told me the wiring harness for a 06 rav4 will work on a 2003 rav4 , i have spend all day stripping panels and installing harmess only to find when powered up brake lights not work on rav, and with tail board connected it not work either,the kit has two fused wires connected to battery i feel one of these wires useless,as the plug doesnt fit the socket connection running from the back light cluster ,which is only a one wire connection anyway, so why to fused wires from battery, please help
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