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  1. i thought there wasnt any solution to use my pioneer with the wheel remote. i am definitely buying that. thanks! :D
  2. so anyone who still has the original pipe and can measure for me? mine has changed due to previous modifications the old owner made... :( now i am gonna get it unichipped so they are asking for the actuel size. thanx guys...
  3. your not wrong. well believe me i am happier than you that you are not wrong cos i really dont feel like paying for a fuel pump rite now. thanks a lot for the good news. :)
  4. hello everyone, i have a ts compressor and i wonder if there anyone who knows what is the diameter of the pipe that the maf sensor stands on? thanks a lot
  5. hello everyone. i want to know if i can use the stock t-sport fuel pump after i install tte compressor kit? if not which fuel pump would you recommend?
  6. I have the same thing and we connected from the battery. so do you turn it on/off with a switch or does the clutch work on its own?
  7. hey guys, so what i wanna know is where does the cable that comes out of this green box end? i cant explain better than this... hope you can help.
  8. hey guys, so what i wanna know is where does the cable that comes out of this green box end? i cant explain better than this... hope you can help.
  9. unfortunately they didnt show anything about it on the installation guide. but i will ask my mechanic to get it done. i hope he can solve the problem. i agree with you about getting rid of the switch. but from what i understood it ends directly in the ecu rite? i also got the gas and everything of the a/c done. it looks like it works much better than before. actually i feel cold inside the car though it is 40-45*C under the sun here. :D
  10. under my bonnet glad you are having fun. but do u have a serious answer? you must need a compressor wiring loom if you ain't got the connection,cause you ain't got a proper compressor so it's not their! allrite but what i wonder is where does this AM300-12500 cable end? (u can see the part on compressor part list pdf on page 5) look i guess i better send photos or smt like that to explain my problem. my english is good but i dont know all those electronic and automotive terms so should i upload photos?
  11. hey do you have the t-sport service schedule? i would really appreciate if you can post it. thanx.
  12. i have the same problem since i got this supercharger+intercooler installed. too much air they say. i guess i can solve the problem with a piggyback and get the right amount of air.
  13. man thats one good looking car. such a shame you are selling it. hope your next car will be even better.
  14. so if i get a solid charger pulley will the supercharger always be on? yes it will but the car drives a lot smoother allrite...sounds like a good idea. i also wonder 1 more thing.. can you map this unichip Q in two different driving styles? I believe u can, the tuner will add a switch for different maps thanks a lot. it is really useful information as there are no compressors in Turkey and smt like 30 t-sports.
  15. i would expect that you should have additional wiring loom to connect to the compressor which should have come with the kit which then switches the compressor on and of or should i say disengages the pulley when you come of throttle and engages when back on ok we have the wire but what i wonder where does it end? right now we wired it directly to the battery and we turn it on using that switch we made. but i guess it should be going somewhereelse not directly to the battery.
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