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  1. Does anyone know if there are toyota enthusiast shows in the uk? geoffers
  2. Thanks dazzler, got mine from RRG bury, i will ask about for you, there are alot of toyota scrap yards in manchester will see if there is one about
  3. Thanks for the nice comments, it is good to see there not just me who loves the GXI, do any of you go to toyota shows, i'm new to this but going to start going and take my corolla, anyone local to manchester?
  4. Thanks, it is a great car it has never let me down, in my younger days i had it lowered by 35mm and had 17inch stealth's on it, about 5 years ago i put in back to standard spec, I had a Corolla AE92 GTI in black before i got my GXI, i have some pictures of it will scan them in for you ( that my take sometime ), how long have you been doing your AE92 up?
  5. Just took me an hour to put them on here ha ha, i'm rubbish with computer
  6. has not set their status

  7. Hello All, I have a Corolla 1.8 GXI and have had it for 17 years, looking for people with the same car, could this car be a classic in years to come? Geoffers
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