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  1. Oh i see, yes thats what i want to do, no comfirmation of buying the stuff yet anyway + its from a private seller not a company. unless i get that seller to do that and pay him however much it costs.....guess theres ebay i keep eye on...
  2. try this company !! ive used them many times very good service and even better prices.... http://www.parcel2go.com/ Thanks, i give that a go !
  3. Hi, I may (just maybe) buying some 2nd hand car parts and probably hassle to send so may use a courier service to collect from them, how does these things work ? you have to phone up a courier service and tell them where to go and what to collect ? and which courier service is good to use in terms of price and on time etc? i read a courier site that some dont collect/deliver certain items or delivery to certain postcodes ! Thanks
  4. Yes the Mk 1 Avensis wagon was sold in Japan as the Caldina, but think that one was made in Japan not UK?? i do know the previous Avensis was offered as a 2.0, 2.4 in japan, the 2.4 was sold in Uk also but for short time and UK ddidnt get a 4WD Avensis japan did, that was also from UK factory!
  5. Nice :) ! Why you selling ? Got another car something ??
  6. Just curious does anyone know if the new UK buiilt Avensis sold in Japan now like the previous ones that was built in UK and exported there ? even though the same time Japan was offered with the Corona premio and the Allion which brings me to nxt question anyone know why the Avensis was exported to Japan when they already selling 2 similer sized / class Toyota ?, which the Avensis was based on them 2 models in 1st place anyway!
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