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  1. To be honest, salespersons on the defensive with the old 'never seen that issue before' or 'it's not an issue I have come across' is the standard response to any complaint usually followed by referring you to the service side. I wouldn't want to tar every car salesperson with the same brush which would be very unfair... I have had great service from one or two over the years... but I do think that the trade generally has a thread of obfuscation, misleading behaviour and dishonesty running through it. It does seem to be a real jungle out there made all the more stressful because of the financial outlay. But, as I say, I have had good experiences buying cars so all is not lost. I wish you lots of luck getting it sorted anyway and my fingers are crossed for you
  2. Hi Sunny, I see that one of my posts from the past has been ressurrected re MMT versus full auto. I am really sorry that you are having so much grief. It's awful when that happens with a new car irrespective of what the issue is and you have my sympathy. It looks to me as though MMT has moved on a little (mention of controller upgrades springs to mind) since I last wrote on the topic but is still rather a hit and miss system and remains a love it or hate it arrangement. Sadly, I suspect that my previous comments of way back that MMT represents just another bit of 'green' compromise engineering remains true. Though one hopes that, as time goes on, the engineering will continue to improve to a point where it is acceptable to almost all of us. Maybe that controller upgrade will sort it for you. I still have my E12 Corolla auto and don't plan to part with it anytime soon (it's 6 years old now and I bought it new). I am about to buy a second car but it won't be a Toyota. I have become very disillusioned with the interior plastics on new Toyota models and, had I not decided to radically change what I am looking for (a sports car now), would also have want a genuine good old fashioned auto box or similar (I note the comments about HSD from one poster in that respect). Hope you get it all sorted anyway and good luck with that :)
  3. Hi I assumed it was a power n earth job too however good point re the "rain detector" integrated aswell...another cool feature lol! Guess it was a good idea and something useful to have...glad you all thought so too... Yup, got both the rain sensor and the EC mirror on my E12. Both excellent options on my T-Spirit. I think the mirror has been all but permanently on since I bought the car new 6 years ago lol Tried switching it off out of curiosity a couple of times and wouldn't be without it!
  4. I have this issue with my E12. Very intermittent though ... it's a loud squeak from the rear somewhere that varies with speed of car and very embarassing if it happens as it attracts the wrong kind of attention lol. Applying the handbrake at very low speed seems to reproduce the noise which also tends to occur after the car has been washed and left overnight. Very odd and no clue what it is. My garage took a look at the last service last year but found nothing (but I have no idea exactly what they did in practice though they did say that the noise wasn't present when they took a look). I am convinced it is something to do with the handbrake/rear brakes but exactly what I have no idea. I'd like to be able to ask the garage to do something specific (look at the caliper pins maybe?). Either way, getting it sorted would be good! Only issue so far with my E12.
  5. Had my E12 from new (September 2005). Fabulous car. Just usual wear and tear (tyres, wiper blades etc). For a mass production car it is very well built and the quality of the interior is way way better quality than the Auris that replaced it. Keeping mine :)
  6. Had a couple of Yaris Versos in the past but didn't have that problem to face. Mind you, the wife and I did get locked out of my Carina one Sunday many moons ago and we called the AA who came and managed to get in for me without damaging anything. It might be worth calling the breakdown organisations to see if they might be able to help and, if so, joining for a year. That's got to be cheaper than smashing a window and having it replaced
  7. Welcome to the forum WPayton I am also firmly in the 'don't skimp on tyres' camp! I have the Dunlop FastResponse tyres on the front of my Corolla (still have the original Michelins on the back though they are due to be changed soon). The Dunlops seem good - no issues with road holding in wet or dry - and wear appears reasonable. They are also very quiet (well, to me anyway and a Which? review had them as one of the quietest tyres out there). Michelin has a good general reputation for wear it seems .. certainly borne out by the Michelin tyres I have had over the years. But, as I say, whatever you choose, spend the money on a reasonable make. Hope that's helpful.
  8. It may be that what you have is sold as the Auris here so I would suggest your posting something in the Auris forum rather than here ;)
  9. Sorry for delay in thanking those who took the trouble to post replies! I will try one of those recommended
  10. I agree! The relevance of this thread to the forum is? Ok I'll guess first ... the kids were conceived in the back of an E12
  11. Hi all, The original finish on my alloys was always absolute crap and a real disappointment with a hell of a lot of bubbling and flaking (had them all replaced, some twice, when in warranty) so took the plunge and just had my Corolla alloys completely refurbished :D .. stripped right back, powder coated etc. I want to make sure I look after the investment since it wasn't cheap so .. any recommendations for what I can use to protect them? Cheers
  12. I have a 2005 petrol Corolla with a fully automatic box i.e. Not MMT. I was of the impression that MMT first appeared in the UK in the Corolla's replacement (the Auris) but, from the above post, that seems to be a wrong impression. Maybe the fully auto box was available with the petrol-only Corolla. Either way (and touch wood)I love my fully auto box which is superb.
  13. geoffb

    Toyota Recall

    Not sure why anyone has to cut Toyota some 'slack'. Comparisons with other manufacturers are completely irrelevant. Toyota is either serious about quality control in its vehicles or it isn't - more especially in relation to aspects of car design that have a direct impact on safety. Yes it gets 5 stars in NCAP (though I believe the new Urban Cruiser was a shock 3 star job) but that doesn't excuse sloppy production control and/or lack of thorough testing if that is what has happened here. Quality control used to be a byword for Toyota and was part of its culture. You don't have to look beyond the showroom now to see it has slipped considerably, and quite obviously, in materials used. The accountants have taken over the Mr T asylum I fear Given the way Toyota has been producing less and less pleasant and much cheaper looking interiors over the last 3 years or so, the current issue was very likely to surface sooner or later in other areas of the car construction less visible to the buyer. And I might add I say this as a long term Toyota fan who would until fairly recently have defended the marque against all comers. We all have our opinions, and I respect everyone's right to voice theirs 100%, but sadly now this just happens to be mine :( I would, however, be delighted to see Toyota pick itself up, dust itself down and start getting back to producing the quality look and feel vehicles it used to
  14. geoffb

    Toyota Recall

    Sadly, I also agree with the words expressed above. I have had a number of Toyotas over the years and there was a time when I wouldn't hear a bad word said about the company. When it was time to change the car I'd be straight down to the dealer and simply look for the nearest Toyota model that met my needs. Not any more. My current Toyota, an E12 Corolla, will probably be the last Toyota for me. Since buying it I have experienced a real sea change in Toyota. From poor and even rude customer service, poor quality components and a quite shocking change in interior cabin quality (not in my E12 though which uses the old Toyota quality material interior-wise). Quality now seems to be on a par with most other makers so I plan to look elsewhere next time around. Oh and this view has nothing to do with the recall - though it does tend to reinforce the view that the old Toyota view of quality control has been sacrificed in recent times.
  15. Don't know for sure but imagine that this recall would have more to do with the Auris than the Corolla as far UK badged cars are concerned - if indeed the Auris here is affected (they appear to have suspended sales of the 'Corolla' model in the States). The Corolla name was discontinued a while back here and I am assuming that the 'issues' have occurred since then. But I am open to hearing the views of others on this one - I certainly don't know all the details of the recall problems.
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