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  1. Just for info - I took the plunge and ordered a PC2-17-4 lead from Autoleads on Ebay and this works perfectly. It's not listed as being directly compatible with my Corolla Verso, and Autoleads weren't sure either, but it does work.
  2. I could really do with some knowledge from you folks! I have an old Corolla Verso from 2002 and i've just bought a cheap aldi car stereo, which I want to fit. Trouble is, I can't find an exact match for the facia unit or wiring harness. I know the car's quite old but I didn't think it would be this difficult! What I need to know is if a single din facia from a 2003 model would also fit mine? That's the best match I've found so far. I'm also struggling with the wiring harness - can't find an exact match but I have found some generic toyota ones - will they fit? Any help on anything would be massively appreciated, very frustrating!
  3. Hi Folks, Just picked up a Verso T3 VVTi circa 2002 and I want to fit a new cd player. Had a search through these forums and can't seem to find anything specific, so i've a few questions: 1) The CD players quite big, including the LCD screen, is it easy to remove? 2) I'm guessing i'll need a bracket of some kind, has anyone found one on ebay for a car this old? They have some but they look to be for more recent models. 3) I'm guessing i need some kind of wiring adapter, any suggestions? I know it's an older model but I can't stand being without my ipod! Replaced the radio on a Focus before and that was fairly straightforward once you had the right bits and pieces, so i'm hoping this will be the same. I might be able to get hold of a second hand Sony unit for £50 (Sony CDX GT50UI)which looks a bargain and ideal. Any help appreciated!