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  1. Morning All, The rear control arm (With Adjuster) needs to be replaced as corroded through badly. Can anyone give me a rough guide if they have takled this and roughly how long wil it take. Also has anyone replaced the boot opener plastic strip (has the boot buton integrated into it) its starting to come away as the clips holding it on have deteriarated and 1 or two have broken. Quick guide would be helpful as I think this must be a common problem on older cars. Cheers R 2007 t25 hatchback d4d 2.2
  2. Hello All, Been having the Vsc trc lights fairly consistently coming up for the past year or so. Lights would go after cleaning egr but would soon come back. Bit the bullet and decided to replace the EGR valve and all has been fine for a month but today the warning lights are back. Code p0400. Can someone shed some light on what may be causing this as I expected the new EGR to have resolved issue once and for all. Car going into Toyota in next 2 weeks for MOT and service so I expect it will be tackled by them but interested to know what my be the cause. Frustrating to say the least Cheers R 2007 Avensis t25 2.2d D4d
  3. Just a quick update to confirm the EGR valve was clogged again, after only cleaning it maybe year or 1/2 ago. Gave it a good clean, fired up and after few days all back to normal. Hoping this might help someone in the same position in the future.
  4. Hi chaps, Just a quickie. 2.2D T25 Avensis Hatch Noticed this week Im getting some hesitation when moving off. Its a though the car is stuck to the road. it only lasts a couple of seconds when it does it but feels like a lifetime and then is fine. Only happens when moving off, no power loss otherwise and is running sweet. I suspect its the EGR valve but did wander about the fuel filter although this was changed 12 months ago. Wander what you chaps think. This has happened before but only last a few days and then went away. The EGR valve has been cleaned within the last few months. Wander if its sticking. Any advice would be appreciated. Rich
  5. UPDATE - Noise came back after a couple of weeks. So frustrating. spoke to EBC who sent out a set of adhesive shims which I applied to each brake pad and the knock hasnt returned. Who would know that such a simple thing would solve such an annoyng problem. Now thats sorted, time to do the rears now. Not looking forward to removing those caliper bracket bolts on the back. The front ones were tight as.
  6. Cheers for the explanation. My egine light was coming on and off intermitently for about 2 weeks and then went off and hasnt been on since. Guess it was a sticky egr valve. New seals arrived yesterday so will clean egr this weekend.
  7. Quick update. Bought a U480 scanner from fleabay less than a tenner. Worked starightaway code p0400 which is EGR. SO will give it a clean and see how we go from there. Thanks all.
  8. Fingers crossed its not a new engine. Doubt the car would be running ok if there was a major fault. Ive bought a reader so will update when Ive pin pointed the problem, hopefully this will help others on the board in future.
  9. Morning All, The VSC TRC And engin management light came on last week and has intermittently come on and off, stayed on, gone off, back on since. Car is driving well, MPG still good. Was thinking about buying a simple fault reader to see if I can pinpoint the problem. Has anyone used one before and could recomend a make? Also are the codes generic or will toyota have specific fault codes and if so where can you get them from for reference. Thanks All. PS I wander if it might might be the EGR valve. I do clean this every couple of years and remember the last time I did it the same lights came on briefly but went off shortly after and never appeared again, until now.
  10. Hello all, Getting a creaking noise when going over speed bumps... nothing major but thought i might try and sniff out the issue. Was going to to replace the front drop links and antiroll bar bushes on the front. Has anyone done the front ARB bushes and how tricky are they to get to. Any advice much appreciated. Cheers R t25 d4d 2.2d 2007
  11. Thanks all. Stripped the brakes again today and reinstalled the anti rattle clips..... noise has gone so hoping thats it. Will get a replacement set in the new year
  12. Hi all, Fitted new pads and discs a month or so ago. Noticed this week I'm getting a clunk type noise when braking after reversing (only once) and then again when I brake the first time going forward (just once. Apart from that the brakes seems fine Its as though pads are moving in the calliper. If checked the brakes again and all seems correct but still getting the noise. They are ebc brakes. Any suggestions? Ive checked I have the right part numbers and all good there. Cheers
  13. Axle stands seem like the way to go. They've been on my list to but for a long time!!! Just out of interest does anyone now off hand if the socket size needed is the same for the front calliper bolts which is 17mm. Cheers
  14. Evening. Got a 2007 Avensis d4d. Changed the front pads and discs today... nice and easy job apart from the Caliper bracket bolts. **** they were hard to get off!! Was thinking about doing the rears as well but doubt Im going to get enough purchase to get those darned bolts off. Used a breaker bar on the front, theres no room to use on the rears. Any suggestions on how to remove other than brute force would be gratefully received. Other than that... maybe a garage job at some point Cheers
  15. Thanks del but thats way beyond my level of expertise! exepct its a garage job. Thanks anyway
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