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  1. Happy Birthday TOYMOTA!

  2. I told you ages ago that if I had the cash I'd buy her. Had to sell my tubby in the end due to money problems!! Bide you time my friend, don't break her just yet. You've only had her up for sale for 2 or so weeks. Took me 2-3 months to sell the tubby. It's a buyers market out there. I'd give it another month or so of advertising at least. Try some of the Jap mags like Banzai etc as well! Is that price low enough?? What would the car be worth if it had the standaed FE engine in it, and all the other mods?? 4A-GZE's can be picked up with 40-50k on em for almost a grand nowerdays!
  3. Rash, have you got any late AE92 GTI's for sale in Red?? Now that I've sold my Tubby, I want another Rolla GTI!!
  4. Can anyone tell me what the correct tyre sizes (including height, i.e 50 or 55) are for the standard Toyota 15" rims? Front and back.
  5. Yer, phoned Mr T up yesterday. £142 + VAT. He told me himself to make one myself as that is a rip-off (at least he was honest)
  6. Well did you get it done then....? Show us the results.. Rash. Here's what she looks like now. A little better but not good enough yet! As you can see, the pipe coming out of the I/C to the T/B is still pretty darn black!! I don't think any amount of rubbing is gunna sort that out!
  7. I gave em a good rub down with degreaser, petrol and a stiff brush, then I used a drill with a wire brush attachment on them at the weekend and they're still black as in the piccy above. It's either gunna be a question of painting them or buying some after market ones. The heat sheild from Mr T is, wait for it….. £142 + VAT!!!! Mr T told me to make one myself LOL!!
  8. No, I decided to go down the good old rags and elbow grease route. It's a work in progress. (I'll take a piccy of the work so far this evening if the light is okay! Took off the I/C pipes and gave them a good rub down, but I think I'll give em a coat of some high temp paint this coming weekend. I also want to do the rocker/cam cover too. Any ideas on a suitable colour peeps?? Oh, and do I need to take off the trottle body to get the rocker/cam cover off?? I want to wire brush it and change the gasket at the same time! Also looking for a nice new shiny exhaust heatshield, but can't find one anywhere! any idea's??
  9. I've heard that it's not really a good idea with the tubby. Cos it makes the zorst too hot which in turn will result in a melted turbo! I could probably take the old heatshield off and sand and polish it, but I know I've seen new ones for sale somewhere. At JAE the Fensport cars had brand spanking new ones on them, but I can't see em for sale on their website! :ffs:
  10. I'm trying to tart my engine bay up a little. Does anyone know where I can buy a new exhaust heat shield for my tubby? I assume it's the same as for a non-turbo, and same as the Celica ones!?!?
  11. The FE engines are built for economy and the GE engines are built for power! It's the same the whole way across the Toyota engine range: 3S-GE (& GTE (Turbo model)) & 3S-FE, 4A-GE (& GZE (Super-charger model)) & 4A-FE, etc.
  12. Cheers guys. That's cleared that one up!
  13. Hi peeps, A mate of mine is after a Celica. I know there's the 190bhp T-Sport, but he's seen a 140bhp one. Is this a T-Spirit? He's also been told that he can up that 140bhp to 190bhp without much trouble at all. Is this the case? I would have thought it would be a different engine from the T-Sport? Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks
  14. Off to get it steam cleaned by a valeter 2moro lunch. Will be interesting to see how much difference it makes to the look of the engine bay This is what it looks like now (apart from the dump valve I've now fitted): Should I keep the engine running while he's doing the job??
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