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  1. Hello mate, I'm getting about 40mpg out of mine, but lately its been making noises under acceleration. The best way I can describe it would be like a petrol engine pinking. Once the revs and engine speed get upto speed the noises stop. I'm guessing the terraclean was a sort of carbon cleaning but you cleaned the egr yourself. What did you use for the dpf or did the terraclean give that a clean too? I love driving mine too but these noise's take the enjoyment away Cheers
  2. I've finally had chance to check and sadly mine doesn't have this function. Phone calls only. What it does have is an iPod connection, already fitted, inside the top glove box. The only thing is I don't do Apple products. I just need to find a connection from that to my phone then I should be able to play/stream my music Thanks again Rich
  3. Thanks for you reply furtula, I'll have a look later when I get home from work. Looking at the manual that you attached, I'm with you, I haven't got it but I'll look later. Thank you 🤞
  4. I haven't updated it.... Do I have to?
  5. Ive looked but can't anything, so I apologise if it's already been asked. I've got an 08 Auris with the Toyota Bluetooth SWC installed, I also have a Google Pixel with the latest Android on it. It pairs ok with the telephone side of things and it's works a treat BUT does anyone know whether using this system there is a way to connect the phone to play music instead of using a cable. Thanks in advance
  6. Update... I emailed Toyota UK the other day to see whether either vehicle I'd seen has had the work carried out under Toyota's goodwill gesture. Both vehicles have the 2AD engines and both vehicles HAVE NOT had the work carried out. I won't be buying either car. I can't be doing with the hassle, the cost of repairs or scrap if either break down or the worry of the breaking down. Pity as I really would have liked one.....never mind 😥 Thank you to all who replied. You confirmed things that I'd already read and why I asked the question. Thanks again Rich
  7. Thanks Alan & Heidfirst for your replies. Alan, everything you said makes perfect sense. The same thoughts had crossed my mind but I wanted to hear other people's thoughts on the car/engine. I've read similar things myself... The head gasket going, overheating, using an awful lot of oil etc, but then I read about the new engines Toyota were fitting to overcome these issues. I guess even the newest 180s are now too old for that repair. I'd read about the dpf clogging up with constant short journeys but I keep looking out for them on eBay or auto trader!! What about if they've had the repairs done? I've seen 2, one has 87k, 59 plate (Nov 09) the other has 57k, 09 plate (Apr 09). According to Heidfirst the 59 plate should have the newer, updated engine which remedies the above issues or so I've read. They've both got full service histories or so their adverts say!! I'm still in two minds, I still like one but will approach with a lot more caution. Thank you both for your thoughts and replies. If anyone else had any thoughts, experiences, good or bad or anything else that will support our contradict what has been said, please leave a comment. I'd rather read all the trouble that comes with these cars so I can decide rather than by one and then get told "told you so" Thanks again Richard
  8. Thanks Alan333 Can I ask why? Have you owned one??
  9. I currently drive an 07 Corolla Colour Collection 2.0 d4d. Not the best car but does everything I need very well. It's got 128k on the clock and had never missed a beat. I'm contemplating swapping it for an Auris SR180!!! I've read good stories and bad stories like the cylinder head going or the dpf etc etc, can anyone spare me the time to tell me about their experiences good or bad and sell me the car. I've seen a nice lie mileage example but I want to hear what they're like Many thanks in advance Richard
  10. Hi Maxwell I think/hope so, is looking good up to now. I changed the fuel filter on the recommendation of my local garage as a starting point but then I took the egr valve off and cleaved it out using carburettor cleaner and that seems to have find the trick. That was about 5 weeks ago and I've had none of the symptoms since. It was easy to get on/off too Hope that helps.... Good luck
  11. Hi....I wonder if anyone has ever encountered this on their Corolla?? I've got a 2l d4d 07 Corolla with 123k. The other day traveling along the duel carriage way, came off the accelerator but when I went back on it there seemed to be nothing no acceleration. The car carried on at 65, didn't lose power but wouldn't accelerate beyond the speed it was doing. It was almost as if there was something holding it back. No stuttering either. Then without warning power came back and it accelerated. It has had a few stutters if I change down to 4th or 3rd. This afternoon along the motorway it happened again but for about 5 or 6 miles. It's done it a few times during the previous 2 weeks. When it's running normally, it's running great but I'm at a loss. Thought about changing it using the scrappage scheme but I like it too much, especially when its going ok. Any thoughts?? I've cleaned the MAF (not properly because I couldn't get it off) but still doing it. Would a fault show using a diagnostic device even though there's no light on the dashboard?? Could it be the particulate filter?? Any thoughts/advice would be greatly received Thanks
  12. Hello mate.....I've spoken on this thread a couple of times, trying to find a cure for my knocking on 07 Corolla. I recently had the cam belt changed and asked the mechanic to try and diagnose the knocking coming from the front of the car. His answer was, when I collected was the drop link bar had gone. I was a bit sceptical as I'd replaced them about 2 years ago and it hasn't cured the problem. I priced them up and as they weren't expensive thought I'd give it another go. I changed them last time through self diagnosis!!! I bought some new ones and they were a little longer and more sturdy than the previous one, fitted them and BINGO no more knocking or rattling. Quite as a mouse. I'm certainly not advocating that your mechanic is wrong but I didn't notice that the drop links had been changed and for the cost, might be worth a go. You mightn't even have the car anymore lol Thanks
  13. Hello mate.....Did you manage to take a picture or find out the name of the part? Thanks Richard
  14. Any chance of a picture of this part pls. I'm having similar issues with my 07 diesel. Swapped similar parts but still making too much noise. Thanks
  15. Just a quick update...done the gearbox oil change and can confirm it's 24mm drain and refill Thanks
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