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  1. Thank you to both of the people who have replied. Took it to the dealer & they said it was the water pump that was squealing. They said the AC needed re-gassing but they couldn't guarantee that that would solve the problem. This does make me worry that the drive belt has caused a leak. I know it worked until very recently as I always turned it on every month. Even though I didn't ask them to look at the drive belt it had been loosened since I loosened it. They have quoted £205 to fit a new water pump & £59 for the regassing. I've bought a new water pump for £85 & a friend helped me put it in & the noise has gone. Fantastic! I do still think that it has been caused by the dealer but I expect I wont be able to prove anything.
  2. Hi there, My 06 Aygo has started with a high pitched whine, sounds abit like a turbo, shortly after having a 40,000 mile service. The whining gets louder when I accelerate & is still there on idle. I noticed that the drive belt was rock hard with no give in it, so have loosened this, the noise seemed to lessen at first, but I think it's back to it's previous level. My air conditioning also now does not work & had done until recently, but the green light just illuminates & I can't hear it, feel it & the drop in RPM doesn't happen when I turn it on. The car is getting looked at again by the dealer who serviced it on Wednesday, but I'm worried that if they've caused the problem will they fix it?
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