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  1. Anyone confirm a replacement for the Verso, also are they easy enough to install
  2. It's at 2003 Rav so guess the ICV more than likely the culprit, however I'm led to believe the TB was all taken off and given a proper clean, is the ICV part of that, can it be replaced?
  3. Sorry was Johnny two ravs, not got the diesel now. When you start it races at 2.5rpm from cold, sometimes even does it when warm. Once you get it to normal idle and take it for a run, say you clutch in whilst moving it has started going up and down, ie driving at say 40mph, clutch in and eyes on rev counter....1.0>1.5> just goes up and down by itself. Other times you clutch in and it stalls, other times it just drops to very low say 400rpm and stays alive What is the part near TB, its like a solenoid, if you tap that the revs changed, not sure if just coincedence Pretty sure all plugs good and recent along with filters inc fuel
  4. Anyone point in the right direction. All o2 sensors been replaced still having issues, sometimes cuts out when clutching in at a junction for example. Also sometimes dips to 1k rpm then upto 1,5k all by itself. Throttle body been cleaned out....maybe not enough or is there another likely culprit. Scanned the car for faults and nothing stored but maybe has to be Toyota diagnostics to show anything
  5. I had the exact same issue, all 4 needed replacing but I still have stalling issues, looks like need to go down the path of throttle bodies etc....or is there an idle adjustment that would help, RAV has around 65k
  6. Regarding the sensors, I replaced the bottom two as diagnostics pointed to them however light was still on. Tested the top two and they are dead so changed them, now the light is out However when you clutch in, the car can just cut out on you sometimes, any pointers as to what this might be
  7. Looks like ours is damaged, are there any guides on how to do this, doesn't look that straight forward. Did pop down the headlining but looks like need to take bits off where the belts and airbags are housed. Not sure where the actual connection terminates, it appears to run along side the rear wash pipe and runs towards the o/s rear of the car
  8. Have this issue at moment, my code reader pointed to the bottom two, changed them out but still have warning light and same fault codes. Pulled the top two and not getting a reading from them, so guessing all 4 have went at same time? Or is the cat buggered and in turn buggering the sensors? Some talk of an ECU update buyt Toyota say no such thing Don, you don't need heat on them, just give them a soak and use a proper oxy socket, top two are easy to access, bottom two, one is easier than the other, I removed the bolt at the bottom for the radiator support just to get in with the socket.
  9. Keep hearing about ECU upgrades etc....Toyota say doesn't exist?
  10. Not sure what you mean bitman, I've just fitted the second sensor....so that's both replaced now that were not showing 15ohms....yet still the light comes back, even if clear the codes with bluepoint reader. Any ideas at all guys?
  11. I have a couple of code readers, I just expected at least one of the faults to clear when reset using it but both codes came back...will check the other sensors next time get some time in the garage
  12. Ok checked the old one that came off and it didn't read, new one I fitted read 15 Ohms...should that not mean the fault would clear or should I just go and check the other bottom one and go ahead and replace that and see if the codes clear and light goes out
  13. Read somewhere when you change the sensor they need cycled on/off a few times, is this the case....I already have both sensors but dont want to go changing the other if it's a waste of time
  14. Anyone advise on this as keen to get Raving again :)
  15. Back up with this one, Rav been laid up...however was looking to get back on the road. I had already got a couple of sensors and did change one tonight but still got both fault codes. What is meant by the heater coil exaclty, part of the denso sensor or something seperate altogether? Car is running rich for sure, can smell it and the car was stalling as you draw to a junction when last used. Really not sure about testing for ohms etc, can anyone guide on that or should I try changing the sensor at the other side first?