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  1. A white car fully visible with the sun behind it? Hmm not so certain about that....
  2. I'm surprised you seem surprised, it is like stating the obvious ;)
  3. Prices for tyres have seriously risen in my experience. Two years ago I only paid £150 each for 305/35R22s XL on my car. I think £156 for the Michelin primacy on the Prius is a great price.
  4. Ah well I think by the responses it proves I am abnormal :) No to all :)
  5. I do think a lot of that has to do with auto lights as well. In my experience rain really thwarts the auto mechanism when it is still bright but one should switch on the headlight really in the rain. imo ofcourse :)
  6. Thanks for the responses so far.
  7. We have the auto feature on the Prius. The interior lights have their own sensor compared to the headlights. The dashboard is different and will require a full replace when you have auto lights. I think it is good that they are separate as different sensitivities are required. We love in the country sideish with lots of dense trees covering the road. It does make. Difference and I like that feature. The auto lights also come with dimming mirrors and rain repellent glass which is fabulous.
  8. Optiflex you just highlighted another good point, when walking on the road I was also taught to walk on the side facing oncoming traffic. I mean you can't judge whether a vehicle behind you has seen you, but if it is comin towards you you at least have a chance to jump out of the way. As they say the problem with common sense is it isn't common.
  9. Oh dear what a lot of rubbish. I was taught by my parents not to walk on the road and look before I crossed. And what about other cars, our old murano was just as silent as was my v12 BMW.
  10. Better to have them on in daylight then off in tunnels :)
  11. For us they seem fine but I also seem to recall that your dealer can adjust the sensitivity on the Prius led system. So if you are in an area where you find they don't respond quick enough that might be worth it.
  12. My wife just had her second flat tyre in a year both on the Prius. Neither she nor I have had one for probably the last 25 years. So statistically it is probably our turn, but I was just wondering where there is another dimension. Have any of you with the 17" Michelin wheeled priuses also had flats in the last short period of ownership?
  13. Nah you never you get that back, I'm used to that so no worries there. Unfortunately our replacement vehicle (Range Rover Evoque) doesn't allow for getting discounts at all. It is not the money that I am surprised by, it is the actual depreciation of the Prius even when taking normal standard version prices into account. It is a bad as some of the French cars, I would have bet (but clearly lost that now) that the 'green credentials' and fuel economy were counting for something. But the diesel brigade is clearly winning, lots of people even those that dont do the mileage seem to be convinced they need a diesel. How times have changed. PS. I am not bitter or anything, we like buying new for other reasons that are more important than loosing a bit of money, I am just genuinely surprised.
  14. Well yes and no. I was only able to negotiate a bit below 10% just if I was to add that to the depreciation it would actually be even worse.