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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday C58!

  2. Aww okays :) Thanks very much for the reply!
  3. 04 plated yaris VVT-i - I think my fuel gauge is faulty. I put £10 of petrol in my car ( petrol price 114.9/L) and i triped my car to find out how many MPG i was really getting. I done 98.8miles on a tenner of unleaded petrol. So i filled my car up again with £10. This changed the fuel gauge from flashing single bar, to two solid bars and again i tripped my car, and after 4 or so miles, i had a single flashing bar again... I have repeated this a few times and i got the same result. There is no visible signs of a petrol leak, so i believe it to be my gauge or sensor... any thoughts on the matter? If there is a fault of the sensor, whats the average pricing for replacement and fitting? Plus - can i fit it myself? Thanks Craig
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