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  1. So I am hopefully picking up a Thunder Grey TS on Saturday, it is completely standard at present and whilst I like the car I think it sits a litte high so I am definately going to get it lowered. The wheels are in a pretty good state but are now 8 years old. I quite like them but I wonder if they are a little small? So I was thinking either; 1. Buy a set of multspoke black 17"s or 2. Respray the standard 16" ones What do you guys think? Pictures would help me decide!
  2. alright mate . my t sport was same age and similar miliage when i bought it . first thing get the lift bolts changed .the sat nav isnt that great a tomtom is better really but its your call.make sure the air vent by the driver window blows warm air. OK thanks for the prompt advice. I gather the Sat Nav won't be great but it should keep some value in the car at least! How much will it cost me to get these Lift bolts changed then? I was going to take the car to be properly checked out anyway so mabe worth doing at the same time. I am paying around £3.5 seems to be the going rate?
  3. Hi All So I have hopefull just acquired myself a nice TS. Its a 2002 and it has only one 53k, look to be in great condition and whilst it doesn't have leather the interior is very nice and it has the optional Sat Nav. I am hopefully going to collect it on Saturday but would like to know if there is anything common I should be looking out for? Thanks I hope to see you all soon! Daz
  4. So is the general concensus that you can get around 40mpg then? What mods can help?
  5. Hi Guys I am looking for some advice. I am seriously considering buying a 1.8 T Sport Corolla 2003. I know they are nice and quick and have a great repuation but I am wondering what it is like to live with, specifically mpg. So I am wondering if you drive it sensibly what sort of mpg do you get? I drive about 30 miles to work each day and want to know whether it will cost me a fortune or whether it can be sensible when it tries? Thanks I am going to look at a car on Saturday - if it is as good as it looks I think ill get it. Darren
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