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  1. Nothing yet for the Corolla.
  2. I switch to the digital speedo and set the centre display to media (dab radio in my case). Much less fussy.
  3. I don’t have any of the animations on show when driving, IMO way too distracting and therefore unsafe.
  4. Ok, firstly @ Bernard, 10w40 is not necessarily a mineral oil, it's available as semi- and fully synthetic too (at least in the UK). That said, if Toyota recommend 5w30 and you're anywhere cold in the winter then that's what to use.
  5. Not since I dropped the tyre pressure from the 50+PSI the dealer left them at on delivery 🙄 but I like a firmer ride. The handling is nice and precise.
  6. 1. No, it accelerates like a petrol car. For brisk acceleration use Sport mode. 2. Engine's in and out all the time, you don't always get a electric/petrol switch at the same point. This time of year the ICE starts first thing every day, to get the cabin warm. It'll always kick in for hard acceleration - the motor/battery alone aren't big enough for that. 3. Depends ho hard you want to accelerate. Floor it in sport and the revs will rise at sit at 6000 as long as your keep your foot in. 4. Check the figures but Corolla 2 id quicker on paper, probably down to the electric motor b
  7. Sounds like one for Twitter and the national and local press.
  8. Well then those without mud flaps must be epically filthy. I’ve dealer fitted mudflaps, and have never had such a filthy rear end as in the Corolla.
  9. I'm another that prefers a separate stalk control. Flick back and forward to turn on/off, nudge up and down to set speed. Simpleas, and can be done wearing gloves (as I generally do from october to april! Steering wheel controls not intuitive, and too small to use accuratley with gloves without looking.
  10. Hmm, mine doesn't do that, it's pretty much instantaneous. But then again, the widow seals on the drivers door dont wipe the glass to clear condensation on mine. Individual niggles.
  11. As long as you regularly use the rear washer...
  12. I know the name of my fist pet, and I make the rest up. 😁
  13. That’s in the manual. I’d still prefer a proper low level switch.
  14. Doesn't look like there is. And yes, it's useful, especially if you do a lot of winter miles on business. Much more useful that some of the rather dubious (IMO) driver "aids" that are fitted.
  15. Every auto I've ever driven does this. But then, I just use the "hold" function or handbrake and leave the car in Drive.
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