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  1. Not a high enough voltage from the system when running lights etc. New battery time and/or alternator - check the voltage at idle, should be (IIRC) around 14V.
  2. I'd guess that their labour charge-out rate is £100-120/hr. A decent independent will charge 50-70% of that, plus use pattern parts. Ask around and see who get recommended locally.
  3. All acceleration figures are absolute maxima, achieved with no thought to the longevity of the car. In autos, it was foot on the brake, floor the accelerator and lift off the brake. Not great for the lifetime of the gearbox. In manuals, full revs and drop the clutch. I'd guess, though, that the difference you felt with the Ioniq was down to the fact that electric drive gives maximum torque right through the rev range, whereas the hybrid system will rely to some extent on the IC engine and will take longer to reach peak torque. With the 2.0l hybrid of course you need the car in Sport mode to get halfway decent acceleration. It's brisk enough when used like that.
  4. You have to brake and accelerate like a granny to satisfy MyT. No good in the real world IMO.
  5. Horses for courses - I actually find the rear wash a non-issue 🙂 although I rarely seem to use it atm, there's so much rain about!
  6. Re switches. I do wish Toyota had spent a little more money and made the window and roof switches backlit. I'd happily have done without the blue mood lighting in my Excel in return for being able to see the controls more easily. And the volume control on the wheel - it's soo flimsy feeling, and less user friendly than the thumbwheel control I had in my last car.
  7. Ah, well, you probably read the instructions! I see from reading them that one can "press" to opening switch, and well as "slide" it. I've not tried pressing it (and not likely to until this bloody rain stops!) but that should activate the tilt action as opposed to sliding back.
  8. Re pan roof. I have one, solely to let more light into the coal-hole interior (my last car I could, and did specify a light grey interior but Toyota, along with many other manufacturers don’t offer the option). It stops you using roof bars, should you want to. I would have much preferred the opening part to be like the old “tilt and slide” sunroofs, but it seems only to have the slide function, not that I’ll use it a lot with climate control.
  9. I'd suggest that the supplier of your towbar will send the correct bolts.
  10. Currently all UK petrol is E5, but the expectation is that E10 will be introduced at some point.
  11. Frankly I find all the animated graphics on the cars display extremely distracting already, I've got it down to the hybrid display on the centre console, which I can mostly ignore.. Reading SMS and emails is just another (IMO dangerous) distraction, and should be prevented (like watching TV is in those cars so equipped) on the move. Of course, it may be so disabled in the Toyota, I have no wish to explore the options 😉!
  12. I thought that, as well as increasing throttle sensitivity, sport mode also weighted up the steering which is very light normally.
  13. Quite likely a failed open thermostat, so the coolant is always circulating through the radiator.
  14. Ive stopped using the auto-dip. Too unreliable around dawn and dusk. And it’s not hard to do it myself