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  1. So, picked up the final piece o& the jigsaw on Friday - revised lh boot trim with a big recess in it, as opposed to being flat - and slotted it in in 5 seconds. Hey presto. Boot trim by Richard Fletcher, on Flickr Boot trim by Richard Fletcher, on Flickr Boot trim by Richard Fletcher, on Flickr
  2. A bit of googling suggests, not unreasonably, that all new cars have tyres that are grossly overinflated from 5he factory, as a) they don’t know what car they’re going on to and b) said car may be sat for months in a parking lot and overinflation prevents flat spotting of the tyre. So, responsibility of the dealership to check and adjust prior to handover to customer. I’ll be interested to find out how the dealership addresses the issue.
  3. @AndrueC, dealer was Stephen Eagle in Aylesbury. I haven’t checked£ to tyre pressures yet, will pop out and do it after my post gardening cuppa. Further observations; Wind noise is almost entirely absent, even in excess of motorway speeds. Very good. Unconvinced so far by the JBL audio, not as good (or perhaps just harder for me to adjust to my liking) as the Bose and B&O I’ve had in my last two cars (both Audi). Grip - I’ve managed to spin the front wheels twice already, once in a car park, once pulling out of an uphill junction, both on damp roads. Maybe down to EV torque, maybe the tyres aren’t that good. ETA: Well, thanks to AndrueC are due. I just popped out and checked the tyre pressures. All 4 tyres were in excess of 50psi 😲. That’s as high as my tyre pressure gauge goes, so it could have been 55psi. That explains the noise and poor grip then. Coincidentally I was in the dealers yesterday picking up a part, and the sales guy saw me, but couldn’t stop. He left me a voicemail today to call him. I wasn’t going to bother - but I will now! That’ll make his day 😎. In all seriousness though, that was dangerously high and should never have happened.
  4. Isn't that what a thermostat does? Opens to allow circulation around the radiator when the engine is at operating temp, and closes when the return flow is too cold? 😉. Perhaps at very low temps they might have some use, but not in the UK generally I think. Also cold air is denser, so more taken in every stroke, and more power per stroke produced. IMO it's heating/lights/heated seats etc. that make the most difference, plus idling to de-mist/ice. And perhaps the denser air increases drag as well, as do wet roads.
  5. Did you have roof rails on the Avensis? I was also told (despite seeing one on the promo video in the dealers) that a tow bar wasn’t possible. But I persuaded them to fit one as Im not going to be towing, just using a tow ball mounted cycle carrier.
  6. Red is the advertised colour for a good reason - it looks the best 😉👍 My previous car was an innocuous grey, and I decided I'd not be swayed by my wife's opinion this time 😎 I did wonder about the bi-tone, but in the end plumped for the pan roof (although that means I can' have roof bars AFAIK). Then on saturday I saw a bi-tone in red, and in the flesh it didn't (to me) look as good as the publicity shots.
  7. "A person using (or causing or permitting to be used) a vehicle on the public road, which does not comply with the emissions standards it was designed to meet, is committing an offence."
  8. Bloody Hell! How did I miss that when inputting a postcode!! 🤥 Ta 🙂
  9. Funnily enough, I was exactly the same. 😊 and tbh it never entered my head to consider other than Toyota (I knew I wasn't going to get a Lexus) once I'd decided on hybrid.
  10. I'm sure this can be done (I did search and found reference to typing email addresses being "torture") but last evening, when trying to register my MM system, I could see no way to get the "@" symbol on the Toyota on-screen keyboard for my email address and password. Letters, upper & lower case, and numbers, yes, albeit painfully slowly. Anything else, no. So, please can someone explain how I might do this? TIA (I ended up registering the device online, using the device ID - and even that was a pain as the screen font in the car doesn't differentiate between "l" (thats upper case i) and "I" (thats lower case L). Nor does this forum!)
  11. I've had my new Corolla for 2 weeks now, and have done some commuting, plus one reasonably motorway journey. First impressions, well it's a LOT noisier than my previous car, almost entirely due to the 40 profile 18" Falken tyres. On a stretch of the A41, which was chip and tar sealed some years ago, it made conversation an effort. Not great. On smoother surfaces the noise was tolerable. This was quite a change from the 17" tyred Design that I test drove. Lane departure warning / steering assist. Well, that's been turned off, probably permanently. I was travelling round a long curve on the A41, and the damn steering assist kept nudging me left, to the point it was so distracting as to be IMO dangerous. Then there was the bleeping if you changed lane without indication. Or when it picked up stray chevrons. Navigation. Not bad. Map detail not great, but the turn by turn display on the instrument cluster was good. As note previously though, the nav voice prompts don't mute / reduce radio volume, nor do they increase with speed/interior noise level as they did on my last car. Speed limit recognition. Pretty poor really. A local road had been 40mph for 20 years, Toyota (well their map supplier) think it's 60. It also decided large parts of Kingston on Thames was 20mph, when it's 30. And as for the variable limits on the M25, it was all over the place. I'm assuming it was recognising the speed from the overhead gantries? But it certainly didn't seem to register the "Nation Speed Limit" sign to revert to 70. Not to be relied upon. Seats. Not bad at all. Not sure why Toyota haven't used a rotary control for the backrest angle adjustment, but thankfully one of the "clicks" is right for me. Wheel is fully out and fully down, but again just ok for me, and I can still see all the instruments, with the seat right down. A bit short on the squab for my long thighs though. Visibility. Well typical for modern hatchbacks I guess, limited over shoulder and through the rear screen. Fortunately for me there isn't really a blind spot in the door mirrors, so I don't miss the blind spot warning system. Economy. I got 48mpg over 75 miles of mixed rural, motorway (mostly) and urban driving, including half an hour of stop-start into Kingston, without bothering to try to be economic, and driving in "normal" mode, which had enough get-up-and-go for motorway joining. Radar Cruise Control. I've had this before, on a Honda, and I liked it. It works well in the Toyota too. Pan roof. Maybe it's me, but the last time i had a sunroof it was a "tilt and slide" with two opening positions - first press you got the tilt, then it stopped. second press a slide. The pan roof doesn't seem to have that intermediate tilt stop position (mind, I haven't looked it up in the manual to check, just pressed the buttons!) Edit: I have now read the manual, and no, there isn't an intermediate tilt position, although you can stop it yourself in that position. I haven't had the opportunity to try the park assist - I really thought Kingston would be just the place, but the first and only free space was right at the end of a row :-). And the auto dip beam, because I've not been out after dark yet - that'll be soon though, when the clock go back. Gradually getting things customized, like display and instrument brightness. I think the "eco" screen / display animation, whilst fun for a while, is very distracting though, will have to hide that somewhere Oh, and my wife thought is was comfortable, and not too red, and she could get in and out more easily that on the lowered Quattro!
  12. If you can turn the hazards on without turning the ignition on, then HAZ is the one I’d go for for a permanently on feed. If you don’t have a parking mode, then washer or wiper, which I think are only live when ignition is on.
  13. Static implies a spark somewhere, so I’d be looking for a loose connection.
  14. Well I’ve upped the volume of the voice prompts, so will see tomorrow when we’re off visiting family. ETA, actually had to pop out today, and right enough the radio isn't muted/reduced in volume when the nav voice prompts sound. Not great that. Perhaps I'll put in a request to Toyota if I can find a way to do so 🙂