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  1. I’d assume that the courtesy light is like all others I’ve had, a 3 position switch always on-off-on with open door etc. I’ve notice£ on the Excel that as you touch the door handle to open the car it comes on. May even come on as I approach him the door.
  2. I’d probably go + / - 5psi max on those.
  3. As far as I know they all come with Falken tyres, the Ziex 914B Ecorun. Different pressures are for different models of Corolla (HB and touring) and for 16, 17, and 18 inch rims. ETA: My pressures were not set by the dealer. When checked all were in excess of 50psi, the max my gauge goes to 🙄. No response ever received from them about it - Steven Eagell in Aylesbury. Recommended pressures here.... https://blog.toyota.co.uk/toyota-tyre-pressure-and-size-guide
  4. The front fogs have to be on first - it’s a part turn of the ring on the stalk - then rear fog is a spring return step further on the same ring for on, and another for off. So yes, front on before rear.
  5. A further few random musings after a couple of months ownership. The shift lights on the centre console are needlessly coloured (it's like something out of the '70's) and way too bright in the dark. The amount of animation on the dash displays is extremely distracting. I've just left it on the radio screen. The dash itself is too cluttered with stuff I don't want - what's the point of a display showing the speed limit that gets it wrong so often, even if the map itself appears to be correct. Examples, entering the A41 Aston Clinton bypass from the Aylesbury roundabout end, display on dash stays at 40mph for several hundred metres before correcting. Map database is accurate, so it must be the limit signs on the rb that are causing the issue. Also a local road that is 60mph, is sometimes displayed as 60, sometimes a national limit. The latter isn't strictly incorrect, but it should be consistent. More customisation of the dash would be welcome, rather than just scrolling through fixed options. I'd personally put the digital speedo in the centre of the main display, with infotainment/phone status above, with the option to allow nav directions to be alongside the speed display when using the nav system. And why analogue displays for revs, fuel and temp? Headlights are at best mediocre. I miss the "fog light on when turning" function too, as leaving work I turn onto a busy narrow unlit road with grass verges. The extra nearside illumination would be welcome. Stereo sound is a bit odd to my ears. Seems very focussed, as opposed to having a broad sound stage. Must have more of a play. OTOH this latest cold spell has shown that the screen washer jets don't freeze up easily (ok, I'm running a 50:50 mix of water and -40C additive, but the Audi still froze up even with heated jets) which is a good thing as AFAIK they're not heated.
  6. Perhaps, but the Falken website suggested RF for their run-flats.
  7. Does the size code say R or RF? The same size tyre is available as both standard and run flat. Perhaps you should check with Toyota?
  8. My last car was a 2.0l. An Audi Quattro. It managed to average 28mpg on a 17 mile commute. Whatever the mpg from the 2.0l hybrid it'll be a lot more than that! Perhaps not as much as some diesels, but I made a conscious decision to avoid diesels around 5 years ago.
  9. Following on from the previous comment, I wonder how the Carplay / Auto connection will be made to the car? I'm hoping it'll be a wireless connection, and not via the USB socket on the centre console.
  10. If I understand it correctly, it's an add-on alternative . If you're in the car without the appropriate phone connected (which may be wired or wireless) the installed infotainemt will work as usual, connect the phone and you have to use it's (carplay / auto) interface. I stand to be corrected though, as I've only seen Apple Carplay used a couple of times.
  11. No, I did wonder about that, I don't think his is a special import but who knows (on US spec cars you can turn off the DRL's for instance). The parking brake is automatic, so on when the shift is in park. It's still a bit strange to me that there is only headlight on / sidelights on / auto as a choice of settings. Unless the DRL's also act as side/parking lights of course, but that doesn't seem right as DRL's only work in the front when all other lights are off. Another case of too much automation maybe.
  12. So, the new Corolla doesn't have an "Off" position for the lights, as far as I can see. Because of the way I park, I'd like to be able to turn the lights off altogether whilst I'm scraping the car these cold mornings. Obviously I can turn the headlights off, but the DRL's are still illuminated. Is there any way to turn them off as well with the engine running? Or is that only possible with the engine off? I could of course park 180 degrees around - but that puts the bonnet - and warm engine - very close to a hedge. And the last time I had a new car and parked that way, I discovered, on opening the bonnet to top up the screenwash, that mice had been climbing in and chewing at the rubber that sealed bonnet to scuttle!! As an aside a neighbour, who likes to leave his car running to defrost while he goes back inside to breakfast 🙄 has a Discovery Sport (or something like that), and that has all its lights out whilst running, which is what triggered the thought to ask.
  13. One thing to remember with this type of valve cap sensor, is to make sure you put a good amount of anti-seize compound to the valve stem before fitting. That will help stop the lock-nut and cap itself from corroding irreparably onto the valve stem on our salty winter roads.
  14. Damn, no wonder the ride on the 18" rims is so crap, assuming they're also run-flats. Another reason to junk those Falkens as soon as I can. ETA: Looking at the Falken website it seems the 18" tyres are not run-flats - and neither are the 17" ones necessarily. The 225/45/17 is available as both a conventional tyre and as a runflat. You can tell which from the sidewall code, as the normal tyre is 224/45R17 94W XL, and the run-flat is 225/45RF17 91W. The run-flat is noisier and has worse wet grip according to the Falken web page. https://www.falkentyre.com/en/tyres/car-tyres/product-detail/40761
  15. Devonaygo works for a Toyota dealer...