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  1. Having read further a run of 25,000 is required for homologation. And other sites have it priced at 35-40k. That’s not so bad.
  2. Perhaps the Corolla GR will have a wider availability that the Yaris, which I read was likely to get into "5 figures", ie just over 10,000 worldwide.
  3. I do around a 6 mile commute in the morning, and usually (because I want to get home) a 1.5 mile return trip. I do this 5 days a week, and there may be a few evening or weekend trips in there too. Averaging 36mpg. Because - the car barely gets warmed up, never gets to cruise any distance at a constant speed, ambient is relatively cold, it's wet, etc. etc. It's still 10-12mpg better than the 2.0 TFSI Audi that preceded it.
  4. 13.3.1 was last week's update. DevonAygo posted something about how to set up carplay - it's also in the user manual.
  5. Are cat thefts a problem in other countries? Probably not. Better and enforced regulation of the scrap trade kills the market.
  6. Did you do the side wing badges too?
  7. Here you go... https://www.carid.com/2019-toyota-corolla-spoiler/pure-rear-window-mount-spoiler-1472855379.html Better pictures here... https://www.toyotapartsdeal.com/accessories/toyota-corolla-rear_window_spoiler.html I think it's a factory option in the US, so you see it on the press cars, but not necessarily on all customer ones. ETA: its is, at $375 from a dealer. https://www.amazon.com/Compatible-Corolla-Hatchback-MZEA12R-Spoiler/dp/B07SPWNHLQ Though you might have to get it painted here, as I doubt the US colours are the same.
  8. With the window line as it is in the rear of the Corolla, and the fact that I sit quite far back, I find looking over my shoulder doesn't give great visibility, and so find the camera extremely useful. What would be more useful is if it were the same as the Golf has/had - the camera there was built in to the VW logo on the tailgate, but the badge pivoted, so in normal use the lens was hidden inside, only pivoting out into position when reverse was selected. Result - a clean lens all the time.
  9. What do you prefer on the PHEV? I always view them as a company car tax dodge.
  10. Yes, of course the door switches are. The ones in the ceiling console aren't though, so I'm always scrabbling between lights and pan roof controls. And the back - I have the mud flaps, its still by far the filthiest car I've driven. And because of the sticking-out "bumper" and slope of the hatch I keep getting the knees of my trousers dirty. An electric hatch with the switch down near the tail lights would solve that.
  11. Another anomaly then. I’ve done the same with the remote. Re holding the door handle to unlock the other doors, it’s a bit odd on mine. Sometimes if I hold the handle for 3-4 seconds the others unlock, sometimes not. Looking in the manual this is a feature only the dealer can change, and the default is NOT to open the other doors. When enabled the maximum wait should be 2 seconds. I’ll get it checked at first service.
  12. Yep, same for me Does the Rav4 have keyless entry too?
  13. The map’s correct, I checked.
  14. Well I can’t say, as the back of mine is filthy....
  15. A couple of instances recently. In our local town, there have been a number of roads where the limit has been reduced to 20mph. Generally the display in the car is correct, but I noticed on Friday a stretch where it still indicated 30. I checked the road signs, and they say 20, and the "HERE map creator" database also has the road set at 20. No idea why the car doesn't recognise that stretch,when it does others. All the limits were changed at the same time. Also, I had an instance where the National Speed Limit sign was displayed on the dash (white ground and black diagonal stripe). No idea why as the car usually displays 60 or 70 in that circumstance. Just another little annoyance when the technology doesn't quite get it right.
  16. Although all cat equipped vehicles are at risk, it seems that hybrids are more usually targeted, as noted above. However, it's usually earlier generation hybrids (Prius seems particularly popular) that are targeted preferentially, as those cats have a greater quantity of more valuable metals in them. Manufacturers are keen on reducing costs, so cat technology advances to reduce reliance on the Rhoduim and Palladium in them.
  17. Yes you can get mud flaps. Probably available separately, but are part of the “protection pack”. I got them (front and rear) thrown in as part of my purchase. Non illuminated door switches are a pain. The loose cloth in the cubby is just plain cheap. A/C I leave in auto unless demisting (which is poor IMO). Generally the displays are too busy and distracting, especially the drive train animation, and the animated consumption one. Much as I like the economy, and reliability, I’m not sure I’ll have another.
  18. Does the keyless entry prevent this?
  19. Fuel system pressurization perhaps. Once up to pressure the noise stops.
  20. I can easily hear the engine at idle, more so than my Audi, but not that intrusive, and a lot less then the road noise from those 40 profile tyres.
  21. Cant see anything in the owners manual about a "B" position though. Except... with the CVT shift in "M" (on non-Excel grades - the excel has flappy paddles of course) there is mention of 10 steps on "engine braking force"
  22. There's a "B" for engine braking? Whereabouts?
  23. It get more confusing with cars like my Audi, which could either be on a fixed service schedule (10k/annual), generally for lower mileage / town driving, or a variable schedule, decided by the on-board computer, for higher mileage / motorway driving.