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  1. Hi all, I've not been back on this site since I joined it about 6 months ago. My car was vandalised and the insurance company (co-op) wrote it off. Ive been 'offered' £300 as a settlement, but I think its worth alot more. There's not many of these things around now and trying to value using AutoTrader and the like gets almost no results. So then I thought, who would have a better idea than all you fine people! Take a look at my photos and help me out with your vote (or any usefull hints/tips) 1990 Toyota Corolla GL 1.3 I have almost a complete service record for the car and it had 10 Months MOT left when it was written off. 150000 Miles on the clock and serviced by myself every 4000. Spal Electric Window kit alone cost me £200 to put in! This last photo is as the car was being taken away (most of my pics were lost when my laptop died) Thanks to all who vote!! This will be a big help!!
  2. Fezrolla

    eBay Aution Photo's

    Photo's from the eBay auction I won from Feb 2009 1990 Corolla 1.3 GL
  3. Hi all, New to TOC so thought i'd post some pics of my rolla, owned it for just over a year now. Only bought it as i needed a cheap runabout but ended up loving it! 1990 1.3 GL (2E) 150,000mls These photos are from the eBay advert. I found the full service history, all old MOT's an bills (under the rear mats!!) I not really done much to it, serviced it every 4-5,000, New front disk's an pads, the odd cable an gaiter. As these were taken before I owned the car, I'll have to take some new ones now the sun has arrived. I've resprayed the bumpers as well as sorting out the odd bit of rust (i'm still supprised how little rust it has) I'd be happy to hear what you think of these underated cars (their pretty quick, and i gotta assume quite rare now, only seen one in my area in over a year of ownership) Also if anyone has any idea as to the value of these cars I'd love to hear from you, once it's mot'd i suspect some other car will catch my eye...
  4. is avoiding body/paint work.......

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