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  1. Hi all, Thanks for your help. Turns out to be the battery. Five years old, very cold spell, must have killed it...! New battery and all seems ok.......for now...!
  2. Belt has not broke, alternator is turning, I just used a battery jump starter on the battery, and hey presto, no warning light and car started instantly. Before doing this, I noticed that there was no green light on the battery. Could this be a knackered battery? Matt
  3. Hi, can anybody please help me? My 2007 Aygo has developed an issue. The battery warning light stays on constantly, it says in the manual that this could indicate that the drive belt has snapped. I have checked the belt and it seems ok, no fraying and not loose. It is an Automatic, and it has had no problems before, Does anybody know what this could be? Thank you in advance, Matt
  4. Hi, Thanks for all the help, have now had the car into the toyota dealers and have found what they think the problem is. They have told me that is a faulty gearbox actuator, and that the technicians are going to repair under warranty. Hope this solves the issue, will post back when resolved. p.s service from the dealership has been excellent so far, they have provided a courtesy car until own car is repaired. well done toyota!
  5. Hi, Just bought 07 Aygo from reputible Toyota Dealer, Drove home and seemed a bit sluggish on auto change. When idle at lights, it felt as though it was going to cut out. This morning, reversed out of drive and the engine stalled, managed to start it but still driving sluggishly. Anyone experienced this before? Have spoken to toyota dealer, and am waiting for them to get back to me regarding returning the car for diagnostics. Just thought someone here may have experienced the same. Any ideas?? (Car was only bought yesterday! full mot/full service and a change of exhaust silencer box.) The car is under 12 months parts and labour warranty provided by toyota.