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  1. ascsbe

    New Rav 4

    Hi. I am looking at changing my 2008 Rav 4 XTR for a new one before the VAT rise. Does anyone have any knowledge on a changes to this model in the near future. Thanks Andrew
  2. ascsbe

    Ago Bluetooth

    Hi. Rang Samsung yesterday and they said that on this phone you have to connect manually. Thanks for all your help. Andrew
  3. ascsbe

    Ago Bluetooth

    Hi. Done all this and it is fine apart from the fact I have to manually say yes to a question on the phone asking if I want to connect. Andrew
  4. ascsbe

    Ago Bluetooth

    Thanks, will have another look but could not find a setting which said that. Andrew I have had another look and there is no option under the Bluetooth options to set automatically that I can see. Have emailed Samsung. Andrew
  5. ascsbe

    Ago Bluetooth

    Thanks, will have another look but could not find a setting which said that. Andrew
  6. ascsbe

    Ago Bluetooth

    Hi. My wife now has Bluetooth in her new Aygo. I am use to it in my Rav4 so understand the basics of setting it up. I have paired hers up with her Samsung steel phone and the only problem she is happening is that she has to manually connect it instead of it automatically doing it like it does in my car. Neither the phone manual or bluetooth manual cover this as both say it should happen automatically. Can anyone help please? Andrew
  7. Hi. Picked up my wifes new Aygo Blue today and drove back from Burton on Trent to Wimborne. Quite a lot of traffic so plodded on at 60mph. Filled up in Wimborne tonight ang we achieved 65MPG. I appreciate that she will not achieve this in normal day to day use but what a start. Andrew
  8. Hi. Changing my wifes 2 year old Aygo Platinum for a new Blue this weekend at Inchcape Burton. Always deal with them as seem to get much better deal than locally. No problems with current one but they rung as up and offered a deal that was to good to miss. No leaks on current car, wifes biggest complaint is not being able to wind down passenger front window from drivers side. I agree with her that this is bad and not very safe. Andrew
  9. Hi. I did a posting a couple of weeks ago. Rav4 20,000 miles. 20 months old. New brakes and discs required. not covered by warranty. Spoke to Toyota customer care, did not want to know, wrote to MD got a reply from customer care but still do not want to know. Had them fixed for £170. Not at a Toyota dealer. Between my wife and me we have had 5 toyotas but i hate this attitude od denying there is a problem and although I like the car I would not buy another Toyota because of the attitude they have shown. Very disappointed, obviously do not want or need my business in the future. Andrew
  10. ascsbe

    Rav 4 Brakes

    Hi All. Thanks for your views. I have had the front discs and pads replaced by an independant garage and all is well again, I have written a letter of complaint to Toyota and await a response. Andrew
  11. ascsbe

    Rav 4 Brakes

    Thanks for the responses, I have a quote from an independant garage of £172 supplied and fitted and am going with that. Just very disapointed that with the car only two months over the 18 month period and the mileage only 20,000 that they could not have at least made a gesture of some sort. Thanks
  12. ascsbe

    Rav 4 Brakes

    Hi. I have a July 2008 Rav 4 2.2 Diesel which I have owned since new. I have just had the car serviced at an independant garage 20000 miles. At this service I was told that I had warped front discs and a brake judder. I was advised to go back to the main dealer and get it checked out and a warranty claim submitted. My main dealer has told me that Toyota will not entertain a warranty claim as the criteria is 20,000 miles or 18 months old for brakes. I rung Toyota customer services and they did not want to know. The car is 20 months old and has now done 21000 miles but only 20000 when the problem identified. I have never in 40 years of driving had disc problems and cannot ever remember having new pads. Do you think Toyota are being reasonable and if not what suggestiond do you have please.