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  1. Many thanks for all the help. Problem appears to be solved. Toyota have now replaced Cat and EGR under extended warranty with car at 4 1/2 years old. No repeat of fault code after 2 weeks. So if anyone else finds this fault code and car is approaching 5 years, get down to dealer quickly. Hugh
  2. Many thanks for the pointers. I have waited until I had something to report on the subject. I finally sourced a new turbo pressure sensor (ebay), which gave exactly the same static reading 80kPa (when atmospheric pressure is 101kPa.) Why is there this error? My son's Corsa reads 98kPa static. So that was not the source of the problem. EGR was badly fouled - which I cleaned. But I still had the P2002 fault regularly. I then took the car to dealer for service and gave them copies of your advice on EGR and manifold replacement and also pointed out that the ECU was not the latest revisio
  3. Last week driving around on holiday experienced temporary power loss on T180 Rav4. Check engine, VSC and 4WD lights came on. I got Toyota dealer to check and was told it had been a P2002 particulate efficiency code but they could not identify the cause. Advise further checks if it repeats (at £47). Got home - having had about 20 temporary power losses and plugged in my diagnostic tool and find MAP is only reading about 70kPA with engine off (atmospheric pressure is 101kPA) and only about 90kPA revving it, so it looks like my MAP is U/S. Could this be the cause of P2002 code? Currently lo
  4. I have now had a T180 for about 300 miles. Very happy with it apart from the runflat issue. Just picked up a screw in tyre - centre of tread - and have been told by local dealer - replace tyre at £234. Since its opposite no. is also about 50% worn, they will probably recommend replacing both? So £500 for what would otherwise be a minor puncture repair. Having read through many posts - as I understand it the wheels are standard, the tyres are standard - albeit marked with a fancy O to record the fact they are runflat with support ring. So I should simply find someone with the equipment to r
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